Google Penguin and SEO Article Content

If your site has been hit by the new Google Penguin algorithm, chances are that you will need a professional and honest SEO article content service. If you have done anything wrong about getting content, have submitted articles that were not unique or had low quality auto backlinks to your site, you will need to get this SEO problem sorted. By trusting an article and content writing service to review the mistakes you or the other SEO Company has made, you are on the right path to get back into search results.


Automatic Backlinks vs. Professional SEO Article Content

You need to understand the limitations of automatic backlinking, and this means that you will have to take the time out to see the reputation of the sites you submit your content to. This will enable you to use your time more efficiently and get the right quality links that will help you rank for the targeted keyword. On the other hand, if you have been using robots and comment spam, you should stop this. They do more harm than good and can damage the ranking of your site very fast.


Reputable SEO Writing Services

You also have to ensure that you choose reputable content writers, who have the expertise to carry out your campaign. Not all of the SEO article content writing companies work with native writers, and this will mean that the quality of content will not be up to Google’s standards. Still, you will need to find a SEO service that combines their knowledge of the niche, their press release writing skills with search engine optimization.


Can You Trust Your SEO Writer?

You will certainly need to contact the SEO article writer for samples or get a free evaluation for your site. This way you can find out more about their skills, attitude and expertise. There are many companies automating the writing process and get their content spun multiple times. This is not the right solution if you want to get readers, not only backlinks. If you get a personalized SEO quote from the company, you can get an idea how they work and what they can offer you short and long term.


Get a Free Evaluation for SEO Article Content Updates and Optimization

You should get a free evaluation for your site, so you can make an informed decision. The best SEO article content writers are approachable and have a contact form or order button on their sites, so you know exactly what you can expect. Before signing up for a monthly package, you should test drive the service and see the results yourself. Contact us for a free website SEO evaluation to see what we can do for you.


How Can a SEO Article Expert Get You More Customers?

If you are looking for cost-effective ways of increasing your online revenue, you might consider finding a professional SEO article expert, who will create search engine optimized content for your site and publish articles that will bring in potential customers. Having a great product or service alone is not enough, and you might find that your site is just sitting there without generating enough income. You can read below what the main advantages of hiring a SEO content writer.

  1. You will get a better search engine ranking through the search engine optimized content the article writer creates for your site. A SEO content expert will do the legwork for you, and research the market to include the most popular and profitable keywords.
  2. You can tell the SEO expert what to write about, and even if you are looking for promotional content, they will review your product pages, descriptions and company background, so the articles will be relevant to your site.
  3. A SEO article content can submit and write up-to-date information people are searching for. You should avoid using PLR content or revamped material, because they have less chance of ranking high in search engines, not to mention the myth of duplicate content penalty.
  4. You only have to pay once for the SEO article content, and the full rights will be yours. You can ensure that the same content will not be sold to other website owners, and it will stick on the Internet.
  5. You can not only increase the number of your customers, but get more subscribers as well, you can market to in the future. If people find your articles and press releases relevant to their needs, they are going to subscribe for updates and return to the site later. Only a small percentage of people buy the first time they visit a site, and if you can set up a successful sales funnel, you can capture leads through quality articles easily.
  6. A SEO article writer will also give you feedback on your existing site content and make suggestions on how to improve the articles, product descriptions or on-site SEO features. Some companies offer a completely free consultation, to help you decide on the package and service you order.

If you haven’t tried SEO article writing services yet, you should look for a provider with great testimonials and references, who is able to provide you with a free sample article. Generate long-term revenue through using SEO content writing services.




Google Panda and SEO Article Content

Many people have lost their faith in article marketing after the several updates Google has issued in the previous month regarding to the syntax determining rankings. You will need to get the full picture, before you completely write off SEO article content creation and start something new. In my opinion people who have been making money with article content before, can still continue to do son, and the only reason why one would fail is that they don’t get article marketing right.

The expression: content farms are usually associated with article directories. Still, there is a huge difference between different sites, and some of them were hurting their reputation themselves. When an article directory is updating the site, adds more ads in the sidebar (like EZA did recently) it will hurt their traffic ranking. But some people can still get good results, and it is because they are doing both sides of article marketing and do not put their eggs in one basket.


Off-Site SEO

A website owner should concentrate on on-site SEO and off-site optimization as well. Article marketing should always have a double purpose: to get relevant backlinks from article directories, and also to get visitors. But the quality of the site linked to is also important, and the more often the page is updated, the more seriously Google will take it.

At this moment of time we can say that there are three things determining a website’s search engine rankings. These aspects are: overall keyword density, backlinks and updates. This can be done the right way and the wrong one. User-generated content, like comments and bookmarks have a huge relevance and that is why you need to make sure that the SEO article content is not only containing the keywords, but also gives readers important information and provides them answers to their questions.


Research in SEO article content writing is essential to success, and you will need to know what your niche is searching for to target the right type of readers, who will post your articles to their Facebook wall or Digg it. Mass article submission is not suitable to create quality content and although it can get a website relevant backlinks, there will be little interaction if the spun article doesn’t make sense and the information is not unique.

I am getting asked loads of times about article submission software and I always answer the following: SEO article content is unique and no matter how many article directories link back to your site, if visitors don’t click your link, you will not get more traffic than before. If you would like to get your SEO articles professionally written, you should get in touch to get a personalized quote from an experienced writing service.