Should you Deal with Freelance Copywriters or Content Mills?

As a freelance writer, I often read blogs of other self-employed bloggers and content marketers about content mills, and especially about their low pay structure. One of the articles has, for example, clearly stated that most of the companies are there to roll out low end projects as fast as possible, while paying freelancers the lowest wages they can. I have investigated the problem from the customer’s view, to help you decide whether you should deal with a mass production company, or a freelancer directly.

SEO Needs Personalized Approach

If you are serious about online marketing, customer targeting, and search engine optimization, it is important that you deal with a copywriter who has a clear understanding of your goals, expectations, and business philosophy. This is the main reason why dealing with content mills or content farms to buy standard articles, blog posts, and website copy is not a good idea. Google’s updates focus on quality, unique voice, and customer engagement, something that companies getting hundreds of orders shipped a day might not have time for.

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Communication Mishaps

You might think that you can communicate your requirements clearly with the writer through the portal. However, many of the content writing platforms would have their own rules and editors. You might want an article with subtitles, but the writer is told not to use them. This does not make the content better, does it? You cannot answer the writer’s questions, and they will not have a chance to give out free SEO advice, something that I usually do when I deal with direct company search engine optimization projects.

Low Wages Equals Low Motivation

You migth think hat paying around ten pounds for a piece of content is reasonable, however, on many cases, writers only get around 3 pounds of the ten. The rest is for the administration and editorial staff, as well as the management. This means that content writers are working below their minimum hourly wage, and need to make enough to eat. They are more likely to rush your orders,mamke mistakes, or just not pay attention. This is understandable, considering that they would need to write about three 500 -word pieces to get a minimum wage, after PayPal and processing fees.

You Can Save Money the Long Run

Dealing with the same person when working on the search engine optimization of your website pays off over time. As a freelancer gets to know your site, customers, market, products, they will become more familiar with the content strategy, can provide you with free SEO advice, and earn more. In exchange, you can benefit from personalized services that are suited for your needs, and the same tone is used over the whole website, increasing your brand image and reputation. While you do not need to get an in-house SEO expert, it is recommended that you check out professional freelance writer portfolios before you make a decision.

Choose an Affordable SEO Writer for Personalized Content Services

With the cost of search engine optimization and content services increasing, many webmasters are looking for an affordable SEO writer without having to compromise on the quality. Unfortunately, the market is highly saturated and there are more “wannabe” SEO writing services than experts out there. You do not have to fall for the lies and always ask for references, test the waters before you would decide on taking an affordable SEO writer on board.

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The Quality of SEO Content

Unlike on many freelancer sites, you can check the quality of the writing when you contact an affordable SEO writer. This way you can ensure that the quality of SEO content is consistent and only native speakers do the job for you. It is also important that you know the price for your personalized package in advance; we have an online SEO content calculator and order form on site so you only pay what you are quoted. Indeed, you can also see different examples of writing on most of the sites. Visit our SEO Articles examples page to see them.

SEO Article Examples

You need to look at the samples related to your site. If you cannot find any on the page, contact the SEO writer and get some. After all: you are the client and have the right to review what you are buying. Ask for links to author profiles as well if you are not sure so you can evaluate the quality of SEO writing services yourself.

Personalized Search Engine Optimization

Other than SEO writing services offering package deals, you might get a personalized quote as well. This way you only pay for what you really need. We have several link building and article marketing packages, as well as press release offers and Web 2.0 content management. Make sure that you are considering your options before selecting the right solution.

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Choose the Right SEO Writing Services

In the past few years, after the Google updates, it has become harder to make SEO content stick in search engines. That is exactly why you have to select the right affordable SEO writer for your long term project. This will be much cheaper than buying links or articles and can delover long term results for the years to come. And more traffic comes with more profits for you.