Do SEO Articles Make a Difference?

Today, many internet marketers claim that article marketing has no real effect on the site’s ranking anymore. The fact is that there are so many article directories out there, and the rule for 2013 is to diversify the traffic sources and links. Contextual linking and relevant content is still working for many internet businesses, however, there is a need for a revision of the sites where SEO articles are submitted. The bookmarking and linking of the articles is also important.


HubPages and Squidoo Lenses

As an alternative to article directories, it is now possible to create HubPages and Squidoo lenses accounts without any effort. Although these mini niche sites have some limitations regarding to ranking linking and content, hiring a professional SEO article writer who knows the sites inside-out would help building authority on the market within a few weeks. It is not easy to get an article accepted on these sites, however, they still stand strong in search engines and the page rank of the miniblog would add to the value of the site linked to. Contact us for a quote if you are considering taking out a Hubpages or Squidoo package.


Video Marketing

Video marketing is not for everyone, and most internet marketers do not like showing their face on the net. This is, however, not necessary. There are some packages available on Fiverr or other site offering the service. Alternatively, a good quality SEO article can be turned into a video in just a few minutes, provided that the right software is used. That way the content gets re-used over and over again, without the need of paying for it more than once.


Press Release Packages

Press releases are not only suitable to create buzz around a product or service, but also increase the site’s reputation. Sites have strict rules set for writers, therefore, if you are not an expert writer, you might want to have a look at some of the press release writing and submission packages we have available. One single article can be republished on news sites hundreds of times, and it is not rare that a professional press release reaches over a thousand views in 24 hours. Using the relevant keywords would help target the right audience and improve the site’s SEO.


Which Article Directories?

A few years ago, internet writers and experts advised new website owners to submit the same article to hundreds of directories. However, Google has become clever and can now spot automated submissions, resulting in serious penalties applied to the site. It is better to choose some popular and high traffic sites where quality SEO content sticks and readers come back to. You want to be where the traffic is; more like where your buying traffic is searching for information. Overall; you can still use article directories, but have to be more selective. You can contact us to find out more about quality article submission packages.

Hit by Google Penguin?

In case your site is not performing as it used to before the several Google updates, you need to look into the reasons of that. At SEO Article Content Writing, we get many emails about  sites just simply disappearing from search engines overnight. You need to know that good quality content still works, even better than before, and if your SEO expert or search engine optimization professional has used bulk submission or backlinking services, this might be the main reason for your website’s failure. So you are not on first page any more, are you? That means you are not earning money. You can find out below how professional SEO experts and content writers can repair the damage and help you with your search engine optimization.


Professional SEO Articles

If you have been using a professional SEO article writing service, you will have no problems with the relevancy of keywords, density or comment spam. However, if you were using software to get backlinks and PLR articles, you might have got hit by Google’s updates. You should not forget about the social media aspects of search engine optimization, either. That means that the more relevant, innovative and high standard your content is the better chances you will have that people would share it. The right formatting and structure of SEO articles is also important today.


Press Release Writing Services

You might already know that article directories have lost their mojo. That is because search engines consider the number of outbound links when determining the weight of your backlink. Therefore, if you have been using these, your links either disappeared or have been downgraded. This is not the case with press releases, and you just have to find a professional writer that is able to get you in Google News with high quality articles.


Honest Search Engine Optimization

The best professional article writing services will focus on the quality of the content, not the quantity. You might get more quality backlinks and a higher relevancy reputation from search engines. The internal linking structure of your site needs to be reviewed, as well as the main keywords. In case you are concerned about the algorithm change, you should get your site checked by expert SEO professionals, who would determine the competition and the changes in the ranking. That way you will be able to revise your main keywords, Meta tags and titles, to rank higher in search engines and avoid high competition SEO phrases. Our content writers are happy to complete a free site evaluation, you just need to contact us.

More Information about Google Penguin

If you are still confused about the latest 08/06/12 Google Penguin update, it is recommended to get more information before you order your SEO article packages. The good news is that I have just completed a brand new tutorial on how to survive algorithm changes, and it is available at a promotional price for a limited time. Indeed, for two more days, you can get Instant SEO Blueprint after Penguin for free on Amazon Kindle.


The Secrets to Choosing Effective SEO Writing Services

In case you are looking for a reliable SEO copywriting service, you will need to find out how you can profit from affordable search engine optimization. There are many expert SEO guides published online, however, not all webmasters are able to study them and learn the different processes. An expert SEO company will be able to complete the project with little control and following the instructions given. The good thing is that you do not have to become a SEO copywriting expert; some people are happy to follow up the whole project for you.


Affordable SEO Articles

You do not have to pay a high price for SEO services, if you find the right company offering low budget packages. In some cases, if you choose to get the monthly option, you will be able to reduce the cost of your search engine optimization campaign by up to 50 percent. You can also be assured that the continuous flow of high quality backlinks and content is provided, without you having to order the copywriting services again. This is a great way of saving money, after you have found the right expert SEO provider.


Search Engine Optimization Trends

You will have to make sure that the company you are working with is aware of the latest search engine optimization methods. You would like your content to stick on the Internet, and this is why you should always ask questions. If the company is just starting up, there might be a lack of understanding regarding expert SEO methods, that is why you will need to ask for a free sample or consultation. In most cases, you are going to be provided with a free trial or sample, before you sign up for a search engine optimization package.


Expert SEO Companies

You can easily spot expert SEO companies, as they will advertise discounted packages and have real customer testimonials on their site. There are different features you can ask about; the most advanced search engine optimization experts will give you full SEO copywriting packages. If you would like your website content to be professionally created, you are going to need this service, as well as monthly article packages to build your blog and backlinks. There are many companies offering monthly blog maintenance and article creation.


SEO Copywriting Services

These are the highest rated expert SEO writing services. The writer will need to have excellent language skills, creativity and plenty of SEO expert knowledge to complete this task at a high level. You need to clearly communicate your expectations towards the writer and SEO company, give them feedback after the first draft. If you are looking to get some ideas about promoting your websites, there are many companies offering guidance for free, as a part of your package. It pays off to find a long-term SEO writing company than just trying different services and lacking consistency of quality and style on your website and in your posts or blogs.