SEO Article Content Writing with the Keywords in Mind

There are many mistakes SEO article content writing services make, and if you would like to achieve the best results, make sure that you are avoiding these practices. In the below article we are going to cover some of the most common pitfalls of SEO article writing, to make sure you are setting a high standard next time your order articles online.


Keyword Stuffing

One of the most common mistakes of SEO article content writers is that they are trying to get more results with less work. This means they will go as high as 4% keyword density. It is not only getting the content declined by article directories, but also gets Google to frown upon the site. Keyword stuffing does not work anymore, and can have an adverse effect on your page’s search engine position. A good looking account with a reputable article directory is an asset. Your articles will only be featured if you constantly submit high quality SEO article content and your articles do not get rejected.


Not Using LSI Keywords

I am surprised that about 80% of SEO article content writing services still do not use LSI keywords. If you have never heard of this: it is a free tool that finds other related, high traffic keywords for you to include in the article. It is easy to focus on one term, but doing so only delivers limited results. But if you use LSI keywords in addition to your main one, your SEO article content will stick and you can achieve multiple page 1 rankings for different keywords.


“Dofollow” Links

Having backlinks from article directories and other sites is great, but if they are not “dofollow”, their only benefit will be getting visitors to your site. Your reputation in search engines will not increase, and once the SEO article content ages, the visitors will start disappearing. That is why you should always focus on the short- and long term SEO strategy at the same time.


Local Language

If you live in the UK or Australia, you will want the article to “speak” the local language. There are different variations of English, and if a SEO article content writer’s first language is not English, they will never be able to write for local audience. Different expressions are used in the UK and the USA, not to mention the different spelling. If your content writer knows the local trends, hot topics, it will be much easier for them to create quality articles and get readers engaged.


Unprofessional Signatures

Many SEO article content writers focus on writing itself and do not have necessary copywriting skills to create a promotional, catchy signature and call to action. Many customers lose out by not having clear requirements regarding online profiles and resource boxes.


Make sure that you discuss these issues with your SEO article content writing services to maximize your results.


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SEO Article Content Writing vs. PPC

If you would like to know what is the difference between SEO optimized content and PPC, this is an easy question to answer. You will get longer lasting results through SEO article content than PPC. As soon as your balance runs out on PPC, the traffic stops. But your articles and SEO optimized content will stay on the Internet for a long time, and instead of your traffic stats going down, your results will improve over time. That way we can say that using SEO article content writing services is a better long term traffic generation plan than paid advertising.


What Happens if You Get PPC Wrong?

If you don’t choose your PPC keywords right and can’t achieve a good conversion rate, you are losing money. You need to pay hard cash for every click, no matter if people buy or not. That is something you should consider before you get started. There are some PPC gurus, who have been using paid placement services for decades. Do you think you can compete with them for a popular keyword? If you invest loads of money in courses and take a couple of months to learn PPC, maybe yes. But if you are not good at numbers and analytics, there is a risk that you will lose more money than you make.


What Happens If You Get SEO Article Content Wrong?

Nothing happens. Your traffic stays the same, and you will be able to adjust your campaign at no cost. Just rewriting some content, changing your keywords can make a huge difference. If you are buying SEO article content writing services, they will work hard to get you results, and the adjustments will not cost you any money. As article submission and content writing is not costing you an arm and a leg, you can simply change a few things. It is advisable though that you will contact a SEO article content writing service for advice if you are not sure about the strategy and keywords in the first place.


How Affordable is SEO Article Content Writing?

Most SEO article content writing services can be easily evaluated. You do not have to buy a huge package to start seeing results. If you would like to try the service, you can order a couple of articles – costing you a few ten bucks – and see if the company delivers. An article might cost you about 10 to 15 dollars, and it is said that a good article can get you multiple new customers spending at least a dollar a month on the average. That said: if you can turn targeted visitors into customers, you can create a steady stream of income. That is why SEO article content is the best long term traffic strategy.


How Affordable Is PPC?

PPC is getting more expensive, especially for highly competitive keywords. If you pay $3-4 for a visitor and your conversion is 10 percent, you need to make at least $30 on a visitor, or you are losing out.  Unless you have a highly sophisticated sales funnel, it is hard to achieve these results. Not to mention that PPC ads in searches are currently getting less traffic than number 1 or 2 results.


You need to make an informed decision based on the facts. If you decide to contact SEO article content writing services, make sure you are getting a free sample article they have already achieved good results. Writing SEO optimized content is an art; you need to find the right artist for the job.

SEO Article Content Writing Prices

If you are looking for some quality SEO article content written, some professional companies might charge you up to $50 per article. You need to know that these are usually the SEO firms offering complex services, and they are adding article submissions to their monthly packages. You will need to look at the real cost of SEO article content writing, to make your strategy more cost-effective.


There are generally two different benefits of article marketing mentioned. One is getting a high page rank backlink, and the other one is to get new visitors. Unfortunately, many SEO article content writing services only focus on one, and you can’t get all the benefits you are looking for. If you would like to build up your credibility on the marketplace and get some raving fans, you will need to look for quality services with proven results. That means: you need to find services offering research and quality writing, without grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.


There is also some extremely cheap SEO article content writing services offered, and you should also be careful with these. Although the content might be good enough to get your site’s keyword density right and provide you with backlinks, if the article is not written by a native writer, it might not be readable enough to make people want to read it. Quality check is extremely important, and although English is spoken in many countries as an official language, it is still not the same as UK or US English.


You will also need to make sure that the prices are guaranteed and fixed. You will not want to start negotiating with the company after you have already paid for the services. And if there is any doubt, you will need to get in touch with the SEO article content writing service before you place your order.


If you would like to get a better price on SEO article content packages, you might be looking for a larger batch or a monthly service. Most sites give you a discount if you order a monthly article package or more than one article. You will need to make sure that you get free sample writing before you accept the offer, and you will know exactly when the content will be delivered. If you are not sure which package to choose, you should get in touch with the article writing services, to get a personalized quote.