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It is almost 18 months since search engines and Google updates took a hit on article directories, including EzineArticles SEO. Since then, only the best have survived, and some professional content writers have returned to publishing on the strong sites. Some companies offer SEO article content writing services, still customers do not know where their links will be published. Due to the specific requirements of EzineArticles SEO, not many content writers offer packages including these sites. First of all; there is an originality requirement, secondly the site does not allow automated submissions. Find out more about our SEO Article content packages and the results you can achieve.


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EzineArticles SEO Packages

You will find that most EzineArticles SEO Packages will not guarantee publishing. However, our writers have multiple Platinum accounts on the site and zero percent rejection rate. This means that you do not have to establish an account on your own or wait weeks for the editors to accept the SEO article content, as our articles get accepted in 72 hours the most. You can review the article click rates, traffic statistics and the links will be registered fast, due to our advanced backlinking and sharing methods.


Publishing on Different Sites

You will also find that our EzineArticles SEO 2013 packages will include submission reports and publishing on different sites. Web 2.0 publishing and creating Hubs or Squidoo lenses can also be arranged to increase your site’s exposure in search engines after the latest Google SEO update that affects most pages’ ranking. You need to focus on strong links instead of the number of them when setting up a search engine optimization content campaign in 2013.


Professional Content Writers with LSI Keywords

In 2013, after the Google updates, it is important to focus on relevant link building. You will need to use related keywords, as well as the ones you are targeting in your search engine optimization campaign. This said; you might struggle with finding the right related search terms on your own. Our EzineArticles SEO 2013 packages include LSI keyword research and writing. Researching the niche for topics and subtopics, as well as finding the questions your audience is asking is our expertise.


EzineArticles SEO with Native Content Writers

EzineArticles SEO is not easy to accomplish for most search engine optimization companies employing non-native writers. The content might not be accepted immediately because of grammatical or contextual errors, and this means that you will not get the traffic to your site you deserve.

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