Google Panda Friendly SEO Articles

If you have been hit by Google updates or just would like to get quality affordable SEO article content that helps your search engine ranking, it is recommended that you will choose the right writer who is aware of the new requirements. In the past few years, people have been “selling themselves as article writers” while sitting in a third world country’s Internet cafe trying to make a living. No wonder why so many customers are disappointed in the power of SEO article content. Below you will find the main and most prevalent characteristics of Google Panda friendly SEO articles.


SEO Packages

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You first have to review the top ranking sites’ content to get an idea of the right approach to article and blog marketing. This said, the internal structure of the site needs to be completely SEO-friendly as well as the content. Some automatic approval content farms (labelled as such after Google Panda) have already disappeared. Ask for a SEO article example in order to evaluate the quality of organization, SEO writing and structure in the light of search engine algorithms and Google updates.

How to Evaluate SEO Article Content

Once you have checked the sample articles of the SEO writing company, you have to decide on the search engine optimization packages. While many SEO companies offer custom packages, but most of them have cheap monthly bundles. If you are not sure what you need to improve your rankings and overcome the effects of Google Panda and Penguin, you should contact the experts to find out more. We offer a free site evaluation alongside with every SEO package, so you get expert advice before you choose your service.


Articles That Survive Future Google Updates

Article marketing today is not about quantity and keyword density. As social interaction has a great impact on the ranking of the site, the content needs to be valuable enough so people will start discussing it and sharing the article on social media sites, forums providing real and user-generated content. This is the key of great content and natural backlinking Google loves.


Order Google Panda Friendly SEO Articles

Once you have found an expert with a good profile, track record and affordable SEO writing you should ask for advice, examples and a free evaluation of your site. Chances are that if they have been providing SEO article content writing services for years to clients like you, they can find the weakest link in your search engine optimization and easily make corrections so you can achieve a higher ranking and get more profits. Contact us to discuss your SEO articles.




What Type of Links Should a SEO Article Marketing Expert Build?

After the latest Google updates and Penguin refresh, a website’s link structure and backlink profile is more important than ever before. The best thing that can happen is to get links de-registered by search engines, but an unnatural looking SEO backlink profile certainly damages SERP and the reputation of the site at the same time. Find out exactly what search engines are looking for in 2013 after the Google updates with regards to backlinks.


Forum Backlinks

Relevant authority forum and blog backlinks are still good for SEO writing purposes, and the most natural way of obtaining them is to get readers who share content and provide value for those looking for a solution. A knowledgeable expert SEO article writer is able to build and earn natural looking links from authority forums by posting relevant and useful information people want to link to.


Guest Blogging Links

It is extremely hard to get blogs to accept guest posts these days; there is a need for excellent quality of writing, relevancy and knowledge at the same time. Expert SEO writers can obtain these links from authority sites in the niche, due to their knowledge of the industry and contacts. An expert writer’s profile is surely more convincing than a pitch from the website owner.

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Google SEO updates


Authority Links

Industry organization links, .edu and .gov backlinks are worth a hundred low quality posts, and subsequently they are hard to obtain. First of all; there is a need for extensive research, secondly most of these sites filter out irrelevant and software generated comments or posts. That is why these links are valued so highly after Google Penguin and Panda updates, and will be after Google Zebra.


Relevant Profile Links

It is no longer enough to get keyword anchor links from SEO article content writing. Creating relevant profiles according to the niche and topic of the group, page of social media community is extremely useful when it comes to search engine optimization with content writing. Although creating relevant profiles on multiple niche sites can be a tedious job, it pays off long term and can get a better ranking in search engines.


SEO Article Content and Backlink Packages

SEO content packages alone would not solve the misery of the many website owners who have lost their rankings in search engines after Google updates. A long term strategy for content based link building is needed in order to prove the worthiness of the site. That is why webmasters are urged to find an SEO expert who is able to deliver and follow up the SEO content creation and back linking project. Contact us at SEO Article Content Writing to find out how we can help you regain your rankings.

The Benefits of Web 2.0 SEO Packages after Google Updates

Many webmasters are wondering what the right SEO article content writing strategy will be after the new Google updates. The fact that Google Zebra is going to focus on real interaction and genuine backlinks; those that have been earned, it is evident that some of the search engine optimization companies are going to return to Web 2.0. These sites are still considered authorities in niches, and haven’t lost their power like many article directories. Find out below how our Web 2.0 services; Hub and Squid writing and maintenance can help you achieve your SEO goals.


The Power of Squidoo and HubPages

With a page rank of 6 and 7, the two sites are still strong in search engines. Although there are some strict rules set by the web 2.0 platform for publishing content and it is not easy to get it right the first time, they are giving sites a boost in search engines in 2013, even after the Google updates. This means that hiring an experienced and knowledgeable writer to create and maintain the mini-blogs on the web 2.0 platform would really bring in more results than submitting articles in directories.

SEO packages for Hubpages and Squidoo

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Article Writing done Right

When article writers create content, most of them are focusing on keywords and not information. For writing to HubPages and Squidoo, there is a need for a good solid niche knowledge, market research and a high level of originality. Without that, the web 2.0 site will not be featured in search engines and will not give webmasters a strong link. A minimum quality and rank needs to be maintained by the user in order to get a “dofollow” link and be able to syndicate site content on the pages. Only an experienced SEO writer is able to accomplish the task.


Strong Backlinks

The higher the reputation of the web 2.0 site in search engines is the more the backlink will be worth. It is also evident that in 2013, after the latest Google updates, and especially after Google Zebra, there will be a need to focus on the quality of one-way links instead of the quantity. HubPages and Squidoo are great for a strong and natural link-juice and they are good platforms for earning links instead of creating them. Webmasters can syndicate their RSS feeds and other publications on the sites, getting more traction in search engines.


Competitive Long Term Web 2.0 Prices and Personalized Service on SEO Packages

For those webmasters who would like to change with the times and set up an effective SEO article content writing strategy, we offer competitive pricing and guaranteed exposure. Apart from setting up the niche sites on web 2.0 platforms, we maintain them and update the links on a regular basis. Keyword research, content and syndication, as well as social media feature installation are included in our web 2.0 packaged, launching on the 01/02/2013. Contact us for a free evaluation and quote to see how we can help. Our native writers are ready to complete your project.