SEO Content Writing Packages after Google SEO Update


When webmasters are looking for professional content writing services and SEO article packages, they need to consider the latest SEO Google updates and the upcoming changes to algorithm after the release of Google Zebra. EzineArticles SEO packages, Web 2.0 links and quality writing is needed in 2013 to achieve success with content writing services, and that is why webmasters need to query the company about their tactics and knowledge. Below you will find some tips on how to find the right SEO article packages and get the best results after search engine updates.


SERP and SEO Content Writing Packages

A website’s search engine ranking in 2013 is no longer determined by the keyword density and the number of backlinks. There is a need to have quality content and relevant backlinks from authority sites. SEO article packages should include not only the submission to many article directories and content sites, but also the manual link building and link earning tactics from authority pages in the niche. Obviously, this needs research and niche knowledge.


Google SEO Update-Proof SEO article packages

The SEO content writing packages need to take into consideration the lagtest algorithm changes on search engines and the upcoming modifications. The SEO article packages need to be designed to provide a diverse link profile for the customer from various sites on the internet. The importance of social media and sharing is greater than it was two years ago, but submitting links to empty profiles does not work anymore.

SEO article packages

Google updates


Content Writing Services with the Customer in Mind

It is important that the article writing services need to be designed around the specific niche and the customer’s needs. Strengthening the search engine ranking after Google updates is not an easy task, and needs a detailed, professional approach. The SEO article packages have to consist of writing that people want to genuinely share with others, so websites can earn links instead of building them.


EzineArticles SEO and Web 2.0 Article Writing Services

SEO content writing packages consisting of EzineArticles SEO and Web 2.0 articles will strengthen the backlink profile of the site. The harder it is to get the content approved the more the earned backlink will be worth for search engines. When people look at their backlink statistics today, they will see that the majority of their low quality links have already disappeared. Google and other search engines have decided to ignore types of links from sites where everyone is able to submit articles to.


Example of SEO Content Writing Prices

When you contact SEO Article Content Writing for a price or free quote, you will get the full information included in the package. Below you can find an example of SEO article packages offered to new and existing customers who are serious about getting the best results from their search engine optimization.

  • Site analysis and appraisal                    – free
  • Keyword analysis                                     – free
  • Keyword selection                                  – free
  • SEO Article Content with submission   – $12 per article
  • Web 2.0 content with submission     – $15 per article
  • Research of authority sites                  – free
  • Press release submission and writing     -$30 per news article
  • Social bookmarking of links                  – free
  • Professional SEO profile creation       – $50 per site

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SEO Article Writing Service Overview

In case you are thinking what a good and affordable SEO article content writing service can do for your site, you will soon find out the main reasons why you should consider this solution, instead of writing your own content. As Google’s algorithm keeps on changing all the time, you will need to get someone whose full time job is to keep an eye on these changes.  Google Panda and Penguin have hit many sites using cheap article writing services. Read more about the benefits of choosing the right content package below.


Knowledgeable Article Content Writers

You need to ensure that the article writer knows exactly what they are talking about, as well as what your potential customers are interested in. A boring article might do for an Adsense site, when you want people to click away, but if you are planning to sell your own product, you have to give your visitors new and useful information. A knowledgeable article writer will talk your customers’ language and create value for your visitors.


Benefits of a Long Term SEO Article Project

You should never pay for automatic submissions and projects. The most reliable article writing services will look at every site individually, understand your goals and business objectives. Therefore, you will benefit from lower prices and a good relationship with the writers. You can contact them with any changes, give them feedback on the results and monitor the statistics together.


Press Release Services Can Improve your Site’s Visibility

Not all SEO article content writing services are able to deliver press release content that will grab the attention of thousands of people. This project would need special skills, such as copywriting and journalism. Therefore, if you want well researched and up to date content, you might want to get some ideas from the SEO service before you order.


Affordable SEO Content Packages

The best content writing services will have affordable article packages to suit every need. You might just want to keep your site updated or gain around a hundred backlinks every month. Instead of paying for automatic submissions, you can sign up for a SEO package that will guarantee results long term and save money this way. After all, you want to play by Gooogle’s rules and do not want to get hit by the latest Penguin update for using black hat methods.

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