Google Zebra SEO Changes Coming

We have seen a whole zoo appearing in front of our eyes in the past two years; we had Google Panda, Penguin, and now website owners are going to face a new challenge; Google Zebra. In case you have a site that is ranking through social media and gets loads of hits from sharing, see this trend turn, wiping many of the popular sites off from search engine ranking results. Still, there is a hope; using SEO article writing services can help you get genuine likes and relevant followers through quality content. Find out more about the new Google Zebra updates below.


Are you ready for Google SEO updates?

Are you ready for Google SEO updates?

One of the major SEO changes in Google Zebra will be that new stop words will be added to the algorithm. Anything that sounds too spammy; such as “click here” or visit will be ignored or penalized. Still, some people will be able to survive the Google Zebra update by following the rules and providing value to customers. Relevant content will not be penalized, but posting Viagra ads to irrelevant directories is likely to affect a site’s search engine ranking negatively.


SEO Changes in Social Bookmarking

Buying followers and shares is a black hat method used by millions of internet marketers today. However, this method is likely to be caught up in the new Google updates and any accounts irrelevant to the topic with hundreds of shares to one site will be ignored at least. The worst thing that can happen is that the page will disappear from search results for a long time. Twitter accounts need to be more specific and relevant, as well as Facebook pages. One of the great losers of Google Zebra will be Pinterest; as the shares barely contain information or original SEO article content, so many marketers use it for marketing only.


Search Engine Ranking after Google Zebra

It is still possible to rank a genuine site with relevant quality SEO article content after Google Zebra. However, site owners need to ensure that all the articles are well positioned, original and interesting. People who are interested in the topic and want to share content will still bring in visitors, but there is a need to engage SEO article writing services if the site needs rewritten and relevant links are needed to be built.


Should You Use SEO Article Writing Services after Google Changes?

Absolutely. You should get a SEO package as soon as the new Google Zebra update comes out to find out how to engage readers naturally and check for the “spammy” words in the content of the pages. You need a SEO writing company that is aware of the new algorithm and can provide you a clear white-hat article content creation strategy that will survive Google Zebra.  Get an instant SEO quote to beat it now.

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