Does Your SEO Article Company Make these Deadly Mistakes?

After the updates of Google algorithms, only a few SEO companies are able to make clients’ sites stick in search engines. As automated old methods are not working any more, there is a need to review your SEO services to see whether or not you are getting results. If you would like to know what the most commons SEO article mistakes are currently, made by many search engine optimization companies, read the list below and check it against your own site’s performance.


Bulk Link Building

Automatic link building after the Google Panda and Penguin updates is a no-no in  search engine optimization. You need to ensure that the majority of your bakclinks are earned instead of created, and they look natural for search engines. Writing one article and spinning it to get hundreds of links in a few days is not the right approach to SEO article content writing anymore. Make sure that you get quality content that people share and appreciate on the internet.

SEO campaign

SEO mistakes


Not using LSI Keywords

Using LSI (related) keywords tells search engines that your site is relevant to the topic without falling into the trap of keyword stuffing. If your site has an overall high keyword density, it will look unnatural for search engines, no matter how good the content is. Therefore, you have to ensure that your SEO company researches the related keywords and uses long tail phrases, as well as the main ones in the article content created.


Lack of Keyword Monitoring for SEO Campaigns

You should at least get a report every month about your site’s performance in search engines for different keywords. If one of the phrases is not profitable enough, the SEO writing company needs to make adjustments to your search engine campaign without any hesitation, free of charge. After all; they were the people who determined your keywords the first place, so you are entitled to this service.


Low Quality SEO Writing

Getting content from cheap SEO writers is the worst thing you can do in 2013, after the latest Google updates. First of all; user generated and curated content will always be worth more for search engines than built links, secondly the algorithms can now determine grammatical errors and there is a vote button on the search results page that allows users to make your site’s SERP lowered if your SEO content is not up to their standards.


Lack of Link Diversity

In 2013, there is a need for getting diverse links instead of just high page rank dofollow backlinks. This is something that many SEO companies are unable to grab and they stick to the old methods. Links earned through high authority site publications and one way links from magazines, even if they are nofollow will increase your page’s search engine ranking more than a hundred built backlinks. You have to get social media bookmarks, naked, dofollow and nofollow, contextual and profile links at the same time if you want to get results from your SEO campaign. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve high rankings.

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