Ellesmere Port Local SEO

If you are a local business in Ellesmere Port, you might consider gaining more customers using online marketing and search engine optimization. Our company has just developed some competitive packages for you to consider. Our cost-effective search engine optimization solutions include free consultation, competition analysis and branding, as well as social media integration.

New Website Set Up and Search Engine Optimization Ellesmere Port

If you are not found online by your existing and potential customers, you are sure to lose money long term. Our customer-friendly service offers a hassle-free website set-up with professional design that suits your needs, as well as indexing, sitemap creation, search engine optimization set-up and market analysis. If you have thought about getting online but price was always too high for your budget, you will be happy to know that our website set up and SEO service for Ellesmere Port businesses starts at £349 one time. Your new site can be up and running, indexed by search engines and found by customers in 5 working days.

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Existing Site SEO Ellesmere Port

In case your baisc site is already up but you are not getting visitors, you will need our SEO boost service. We will create a website competitiveness analysis for free, re-index the pages and create content that will bring in visitors from local areas and social media. This way you can get more profits without spending a fortune on media advertising and leaflets. Our SEO Boost Service starts at £199 one-time.

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Local SEO Focus and Google Places

All our Ellesmere Port SEO packages include social media and Google Places integration. If you are looking for a cost-effective Ellesmere Port local SEO service that delivers results, you might consider ordering our directory submission and Google registration SEO service. We can also create your Facebook pages in three working days, so you can connect with local customers right away.

Affordable Monthly Web SEO Packages in Ellesmere Port

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy that can affect the future of your Ellesmere Port business. That is why we have developed our ongoing Business Booster package that gives you a free ranking report, content and press release publication packages. This service is offered at such a low cost that we dare you to compare the price with any other company’s. The Business Booster is priced at £89: the lowest in the industry for the same service, however, today you can order the first month at an over 40% discount: for £49.

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Local SEO Ellesmere Port

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Link Building and Search Engine Optimization with Article Marketing

There are many online affiliates who do try and do Search Engine optimization the old school way or simply choose some black hat methods, that will bring in short term results, but they cannot be compared to article marketing and genuine link building campaigns. Search engines are constantly ahead of people using black hat methods and I would urge you to stay away from anything risky or sounding too good.

building reputation

article marketing

There are marketers who say that article directories can be spammed to death with rubbish articles, that do not make any sense, as long as the backlinks are generated it is actually classed as good search engine optimization. However there are two main purposes of article marketing if not three:

  • One of them is getting your site ranking higher in search engines by building up one way links pointing back to your site.

  • The other one is off-site search engine optimization, where you are trying to prove Search Engines that your site is an authority website and is closely related to the keywords you tag your articles with. Therefore article marketing is going to contribute towards your search engine rankings and page rank.

  • The third, most important, although long term goal of article marketing is to build a “fan base” of people interested in the topic you are writing about. These people should be captured and lead back to your website constantly in order to generate profit with your article marketing and search engine optimization efforts.

All of the above three reasons are alone enough to convince you about article marketing being a very important search engine optimization tool, but you can only succeed if you are using all the three aspects of article marketing effectively. You need to learn how to write killer articles and how to make people click on your links. But you also have to learn your keyword research as well in order to succeed with search engine optimization.

 increase backlinks

Many affiliates and online marketers complain that article marketing takes too much time, effort, and getting articles accepted is getting harder and harder. But the truth is, it is needed for a successful search engine optimization campaign, if you like it or not.

Below are a couple of practical tips on how to improve your article marketing and succeed with your SEO campaign.

  1. Don’t leave keyword research out. If there is a keyword you are targeting, it is important that you check every aspect of it, from the search engine optimization perspective. How many searches monthly, how many results, competition on Google and the page ranks and backlinks of pages competing for a page 1 position. If there are videos or articles on page 1 for your keyword, you have a chance to get in, but if it is full of page rank 7 authority sites, you’d better look for another keyword before you waste time and effort on article marketing.

  2. Rewrite your articles, do not spin them. Over the past few years I have been offered dozens of spinner software that promised to create article content that “speaks English”, however none of them was good enough, so I do manually rewrite my articles.

  3. Don’t send the same article to hundreds of article directories, concentrate on the quality of backlinks. I usually create a few unique versions and use a free article submitter software that only sends the articles to the largest and highest ranked directories. You can download this article submitter software right now on my site.

  4. Press Peleases. Now it is not a long way from writing an article and rewriting it as a Press Release. Extra traffic, higher rankings and unique content.

  5. If you think you don’t have enough time to write and submit articles, you can do just the keyword research and outsource the whole process.

Affordable SEO Packages after Google Panda

Not many SEO companies have adjusted their search engine optimization services to the latest changes in rankings and algorithms. Google Panda has hit many sites using SEO packages and creating unnatural-looking backlinks. However, there is a way to overcome Google Panda with clever SEO packages, and this is exactly what is needed on the market. Instead of creating links, websites need to earn them. Not to mention the future release of Google Zebra, which will tackle automated social bookmarking and sharing services.


SEO after Google Panda

Google Panda Friendly Articles

Why SEO Article Content Writing is Different

You have to know that we have successfully created several customized search engine optimization campaigns in the past three years. Our expertise is not only related to content writing services, but we are experts in manual link building, social media marketing and article publications. You will see what a difference our link diversity makes on your site’s reputation.


Google Panda Friendly SEO Packages

SEO Article Content Writing does not use automated services and spun articles, as they are frowned upon by Google Panda, not to mention the rest of search engines. With manual link building and earning strategies, your site can survive Google Panda, Penguin and the future Zebra release. If you would like to earn link popularity and reputation in your niche, you need a custom approach created by professional and affordable content writers.


Advanced and Complex SEO Packages

While we do offer competitive SEO packages for content and links, you need to know that most of our customers take advantage of our free site evaluation and let us create the custom strategy based on their site, niche and goals. This is why SEO Article Content Writing is different and prides itself in serving webmasters’ best interest.


Affordable SEO Articles

Just in case you are wondering how much more you have to pay for the custom SEO packages, you need to know that it is not going to cost you more than a cookie-cutter solution. Our affordable SEO articles and link building prices alongside with the free evaluation and report ensure that you get the most out of your search engine optimization services.