Link Building after Google Updates

Google has hit and penalized the majority of websites since the first Panda and Penguin changes came out. Those SEO companies using automated link building methods or shady practices soon found their clients’ websites disappear from search engines. There is a new approach needed after Google updates and you can find out exactly what the most important aspects of the campaign are.


Link Building or Link Earning

What Google updates are telling webmasters and SEO companies is that they should earn links instead of building them. Communicating effectively with the audience and engaging in conversations while providing valuable information is what Google updates SEO changes are going to bring. Being popular is a natural way to earn links on social media and blogs for free.

link building the right way

SEO the right way



Social media interaction and activities including commenting, answering blog comments and questions is one of the most effective link building strategies in 2013. Search engines are no longer interested in the page ranks or number of links to the site, but the relevancy and action. The more content is out there involving the website’s owner, blog or posts the better position the company can achieve in results pages.


Internal Link Building Structure

Creating internal links is also an effective method of SEO companies. Still, today the focus should not be on how many pages link to a particular post, but more like how relevant they are. When Google updates are focusing on customer experience when displaying search results, you have to do the same. Creating internal links to the most relevant piece of information that expands on the current page’s content is not hard but certainly cannot be done using a software.


Relevant Link Building

Can you think of authority blogs or forums where the questions are asked? Can you answer these questions? If yes, you can create a relevant link building strategy using authority sources. Getting to people who are looking for the solutions you have to offer is good for your business, but if you are rewarded with higher rankings at the same time, it is even better. Sharing your content on sites focusing on one niche is the best way to appear relevant and do link building the right way.


Google Zebra – How Link Building will Change

Google Zebra will further focus on improving the quality of search results. This means people would seek answers and want to find them fast. Google Zebra will reward quality, unique exact match posts all the same, but penalize those sites with too many irrelevant links, low quality link building profiles and spun content. Does this mean that professional SEO article content writing will make a comeback? Share your thoughts.

SEO Link Building Campaigns for New Websites

When you are launching a new site it is hard to determine the right SEO link building strategy suitable for your niche and the requirements. There are many industries hit by Google Panda and Penguin, and the good news is that your site has not received any penalties yet. Creating a white hat and well planned SEO article content distribution and link building campaign can be hard for many webmasters, indeed most are confused what is and is not allowed after the Google updates. Find out more below about the strategies for launching new websites.


On Site SEO Article Content

First you will have to focus on the quality of the site content with the keywords in mind. Make sure that you are using them in the categories, menus and subtitles, as well as the headlines of the posts. Internal linking structures will be also important when launching a new site, so you will have to find the most relevant content to link to all the time. All the SEO article content created for your pages needs to be original. Forget about using content curation or auto blogging; they are the ghosts from the past.

new site link campaigns

SEO article content link building


SEO Link Building Campaigns

In order to gain reputation in search engines, you site will need links from authority niche sites. There are some article directories that survived the Google updates, but not many of them. Some of the Web 2.0 pages are also good and EzineArticles SEO strategies also need to be developed. However, when setting up your own SEO link building campaigns it is important not to spin content as this can hurt your future ranking.


Getting New Websites Indexed

New websites are usually placed in the bottom of the queue unless you use an advanced strategy to get them indexed. Our company does provide fast and reliable website indexing services to speed up the process. The position of your site will highly depend on the size of the pages and number of posts, therefore, it is essential to set up a blog before you would create and submit a sitemap to the major search engines. We also offer this free of charge alongside with our SEO article content writing packages.


Fast Backlinking Strategies

You should not try to trick search engines and submit the same SEO article content to hundreds of sites to get backlinks. Frist of all not all the links will be registered, secondly the quality of the site is more important than the quantity of links. There are, however, some custom SEO link building campaigns using authority sites to get your pages in search engines and make spiders crawl your site. You can get a quote for a custom package if you are looking to launch a new site. We offer on site copywriting, SEO article content and backlinking packages. Contact us for a custom quote.

Are SEO Article Writing Services Dead?

When webmasters are trying to recover their rankings after being hit by Google updates, the first question they have is whether content SEO is still valuable. The truth is that there is still a need for exceptional quality content, but the distribution of search engine optimization articles and blog posts has changed. Automated services do not work anymore, and link profiles should be reviewed manually. After the Google Panda and Penguin the focus should be on the quality and relevancy of SEO article writing services. Find out more below.


The Importance of SEO Article Writing Services

Valuable content and distribution to relevant channels is still important in search engine optimization. However, webmasters should avoid sites that have been spammed by robots and submission software used by many SEO companies in the past. Getting loads of mediawiki page backlinks a year ago might have looked cool in Google, but now the uniqueness and relevancy of the link counts more than the quantity. Selecting the right sites where SEO articles should be published manually is a good approach for every professional SEO company.


How about Quality Content Writing?

The quality of writing will determine where the SEO articles can be published. Sites that only allow manually reviewed content will be giving more valuable links back to the site. Page rank is no longer important as much as it used to be before the drastic SEO Google updates, and social media traction is also crucial. Buying likes and signups, Twitter followers is not a cool search engine optimization technique though in 2013. Gaining followers and subscribers will bring in stronger and longer lasting results.


Post-Panda Content SEO Packages

When shopping for content SEO packages, it is important to evaluate the quality of writing to determine whether it would pass the mark of reputable niche authority sites. A few links from these pages will be better than bulk submission. Forum and blog comment backlinks should also be obtained through genuine content written by SEO article writing services for the purpose of building the reputation of the site and gaining authority in the marketplace. Getting more links should not be the only aim of employing a SEO company; staying current and relevant is a better long term plan.