5 Tips to Optimize your WordPress Blog for Search Engines

Today many online Internet marketers do turn to blogs. It is proven that blog sites are the easiest to optimize for search engines and the ability to quickly change and update the content gives them extra exposure. But not many marketers do know how to really optimize their WordPress blog for search engines. They are told that the site will pull in traffic automatically, however there are too many blogs online for that to be true. A blog owner has to learn simple search engine optimization rules and tricks for WordPress blogs to be able to profit from the platform. 

optimize your blog for search engines

WordPress SEO Rules


Some online marketers do use WordPress as a platform for their main site, some only use it for their blog. But whatever the case is, it is not going to get discovered unless the basic SEO rules for WordPress are followed. Here are some tips and advice on how to optimize your WordPress for search engines so Google will be able to quickly find it and send yo quality targeted traffic. A popular blog can gain credibility, attract business partners and advertising companies as well. But your WordPress blog can also fail to turn up on Google is you are not using blog search engine optimization techniques.

You have to make sure you are choosing the self hosting option.

In order to make your WordPress blog look professional you will have to buy a domain name and host WordPress on your web space. It is something most online marketers got wrong in the past years, and thought they would be able to get away with a free WordPress affiliate blog. However many of these sites have been shut down by WordPress, making people lose all the revenue, content and backlinks they spent ages to build up. Make sure you are not making the same mistkes as WordPress is very strict with regards to advertising on free WordPress blogs. On the other hand it is much easier to optimize your self hosted WordPress blog for search engines.

  • Keyword rich domain name

Reserving your own domain name is going to be the first step of optimizing your WordPress blog for search engines. Make sure you are including one or more of your main keywords in the domain name and the title tag of the web page.

  • Title tags and meta tags

You need to use the chosen keywords on your WordPress blog not only in the posts but in the title and meta tags, too. Google reads that information very frequently and you want to make sure your WordPress blog is going to look relevant to the keywords.

  • Image linking

Many people do forget about image titles. That is one of the most neglected element of optimizing a WordPress blog for search engines. But it is giving you extra exposure and tags, votes for the keywords so make sure you are using it.

  • Always use contextual links

The best way to optimize your WordPress blogs for search engines is to link in keywords to other sites or other pages of your blog. That way it is going to make your WordPress blog look more relevant, and make sure you are doing the same when doing off-site search engine optimization.

Google Panda Friendly SEO Articles

If you have been hit by Google updates or just would like to get quality affordable SEO article content that helps your search engine ranking, it is recommended that you will choose the right writer who is aware of the new requirements. In the past few years, people have been “selling themselves as article writers” while sitting in a third world country’s Internet cafe trying to make a living. No wonder why so many customers are disappointed in the power of SEO article content. Below you will find the main and most prevalent characteristics of Google Panda friendly SEO articles.


SEO Packages

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You first have to review the top ranking sites’ content to get an idea of the right approach to article and blog marketing. This said, the internal structure of the site needs to be completely SEO-friendly as well as the content. Some automatic approval content farms (labelled as such after Google Panda) have already disappeared. Ask for a SEO article example in order to evaluate the quality of organization, SEO writing and structure in the light of search engine algorithms and Google updates.

How to Evaluate SEO Article Content

Once you have checked the sample articles of the SEO writing company, you have to decide on the search engine optimization packages. While many SEO companies offer custom packages, but most of them have cheap monthly bundles. If you are not sure what you need to improve your rankings and overcome the effects of Google Panda and Penguin, you should contact the experts to find out more. We offer a free site evaluation alongside with every SEO package, so you get expert advice before you choose your service.


Articles That Survive Future Google Updates

Article marketing today is not about quantity and keyword density. As social interaction has a great impact on the ranking of the site, the content needs to be valuable enough so people will start discussing it and sharing the article on social media sites, forums providing real and user-generated content. This is the key of great content and natural backlinking Google loves.


Order Google Panda Friendly SEO Articles

Once you have found an expert with a good profile, track record and affordable SEO writing you should ask for advice, examples and a free evaluation of your site. Chances are that if they have been providing SEO article content writing services for years to clients like you, they can find the weakest link in your search engine optimization and easily make corrections so you can achieve a higher ranking and get more profits. Contact us to discuss your SEO articles.




Choose an Affordable SEO Writer for Personalized Content Services

With the cost of search engine optimization and content services increasing, many webmasters are looking for an affordable SEO writer without having to compromise on the quality. Unfortunately, the market is highly saturated and there are more “wannabe” SEO writing services than experts out there. You do not have to fall for the lies and always ask for references, test the waters before you would decide on taking an affordable SEO writer on board.

SEO services

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The Quality of SEO Content

Unlike on many freelancer sites, you can check the quality of the writing when you contact an affordable SEO writer. This way you can ensure that the quality of SEO content is consistent and only native speakers do the job for you. It is also important that you know the price for your personalized package in advance; we have an online SEO content calculator and order form on site so you only pay what you are quoted. Indeed, you can also see different examples of writing on most of the sites. Visit our SEO Articles examples page to see them.

SEO Article Examples

You need to look at the samples related to your site. If you cannot find any on the page, contact the SEO writer and get some. After all: you are the client and have the right to review what you are buying. Ask for links to author profiles as well if you are not sure so you can evaluate the quality of SEO writing services yourself.

Personalized Search Engine Optimization

Other than SEO writing services offering package deals, you might get a personalized quote as well. This way you only pay for what you really need. We have several link building and article marketing packages, as well as press release offers and Web 2.0 content management. Make sure that you are considering your options before selecting the right solution.

SEO writing services

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Choose the Right SEO Writing Services

In the past few years, after the Google updates, it has become harder to make SEO content stick in search engines. That is exactly why you have to select the right affordable SEO writer for your long term project. This will be much cheaper than buying links or articles and can delover long term results for the years to come. And more traffic comes with more profits for you.