SEO Article Content Writing in 2013

Many webmasters are wondering whether SEO articles will be working in 2013. The truth is that nothing unexpected is likely to happen that could not have been predicted in 2012. The movements in search engine optimization indicate that the diversity, uniqueness and quality of content will have a great role in building and promoting websites through SEO. Although there is a need to diversify traffic sources in order to gain a higher search engine reputation, the rules are going to stay pretty much the same.


Quality of SEO Content

The quality and readability of the articles and blog posts will be checked by search engines even more. The number of shares and bookmarks will tell Big G whether it is a newsworthy article. The number of sites re-publishing the articles will also matter. As paid inclusions are no longer generating higher ranking in search engines, webmasters need to combine SEO efforts with providing top notch quality. This is why many of our customers are increasing the volume of their monthly article packages for 2013.


Uniqueness and Plagarism Penalty

Recently, we were full of orders and had to refuse a customer’s order straight away. A couple of weeks later, they came back to us saying that they were not satisfied with the uniqueness of the articles and the news value. They wanted us to work on the project from scratch. This story tells you that there are many people in the SEO article content writing industry who are trying to sell you plagiarized content. It is not only unworthy of your money, but can also cost your Google rankings. If you can, always use a plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of the content you pay for.


You Can’t Go Ahead Copying Any More

In 2013, SEO article content writing is changing. You are not able to rank a site with copied or plagiarized content. Likewise, republishing other people’s news or blog entries would not be considered newsworthy by search engines. You have to provide unique tone, quality and value to your readers if you want them to stay with you. It might be better to write shorter posts, as there are many mobile users searching for information, but do not fill up the article with useless remarks or irrelevant content, repeating yourself just to get a higher word count.


Press Releases are the Future

Although article directories suffered in 2011-2012, they are slowly recovering. Still, in order to diversify your traffic, you will need to work on different platforms. Submitting press releases might seem like a hard SEO task for many people, but we have some SEO article content writers who can get your news stick in search engines and gain more traction on your marketplace. Contact us to get a SEO package quote for press release writing and submission.

Spinning vs. Unique Content

Every spinning software

claims that they provide a human-readable content automatically. The truth is that you always have to check. Even if you spin articles, you have to ensure that the content makes sense. Manual spinning up to a level is OK but unique content created by professional SEO article content writers is better.

Do SEO Articles Make a Difference?

Today, many internet marketers claim that article marketing has no real effect on the site’s ranking anymore. The fact is that there are so many article directories out there, and the rule for 2013 is to diversify the traffic sources and links. Contextual linking and relevant content is still working for many internet businesses, however, there is a need for a revision of the sites where SEO articles are submitted. The bookmarking and linking of the articles is also important.


HubPages and Squidoo Lenses

As an alternative to article directories, it is now possible to create HubPages and Squidoo lenses accounts without any effort. Although these mini niche sites have some limitations regarding to ranking linking and content, hiring a professional SEO article writer who knows the sites inside-out would help building authority on the market within a few weeks. It is not easy to get an article accepted on these sites, however, they still stand strong in search engines and the page rank of the miniblog would add to the value of the site linked to. Contact us for a quote if you are considering taking out a Hubpages or Squidoo package.


Video Marketing

Video marketing is not for everyone, and most internet marketers do not like showing their face on the net. This is, however, not necessary. There are some packages available on Fiverr or other site offering the service. Alternatively, a good quality SEO article can be turned into a video in just a few minutes, provided that the right software is used. That way the content gets re-used over and over again, without the need of paying for it more than once.


Press Release Packages

Press releases are not only suitable to create buzz around a product or service, but also increase the site’s reputation. Sites have strict rules set for writers, therefore, if you are not an expert writer, you might want to have a look at some of the press release writing and submission packages we have available. One single article can be republished on news sites hundreds of times, and it is not rare that a professional press release reaches over a thousand views in 24 hours. Using the relevant keywords would help target the right audience and improve the site’s SEO.


Which Article Directories?

A few years ago, internet writers and experts advised new website owners to submit the same article to hundreds of directories. However, Google has become clever and can now spot automated submissions, resulting in serious penalties applied to the site. It is better to choose some popular and high traffic sites where quality SEO content sticks and readers come back to. You want to be where the traffic is; more like where your buying traffic is searching for information. Overall; you can still use article directories, but have to be more selective. You can contact us to find out more about quality article submission packages.

Complete SEO Business Kit WSO Review

However, there are many contradicting reports published on the topic, and one would not know where to start when choosing the SEO training they need. The below Complete SEO Business Kit WSO Review will give you a first-hand insight into the product, features and the resuIn case you are looking to learn SEO and the advanced methods of ranking high in search engines, there is a good chance for making a living of the search engine optimization business. The below Complete SEO Business Kit WSO Review will give you a first-hand insight into the product, features and the results people are experiencing with the SEO Business Kit.


What the Complete SEO Business Kit WSO Offers

The Complete SEO Business Kit WSO offers a comprehensive automated solution for any online business. It can be used to optimize your own site for search engines or to work for clients for a set fee and earn a living of search engine optimization. Unlike some of the coaching programs related to SEO, the full guide gives both training and tools for marketers to accomplish their goals and get better rankings in Google. The site also offers a million dollar online business in a box for just a few dollars. Users would have access to admin pages, settings and see the statistics after receiving the high quality training.


What is SEO Humvee

The software helps users create beautiful, search engine optimized sites ready to sell services. It also has a built in online checkout system, and the setup only takes minutes. The user-friendly and professional design allows people to provide better experience for clients and deliver real results. There is also a coupon promotion module built in the software, as well as an API to connect to the service provider. The backgrounds and graphics can be changed and there is a huge selection of templates to choose from within the Complete SEO Business Kit WSO.


Complete SEO Solutions and the Guide

The guide includes a complete training material, some tips on creating and choosing the best domain names, hosting and even product titles. The search engine optimization process is completely broken down for little steps, so even newbies would not get overwhelmed. There is also a powerful kick starter pack to get the SEO business moving as soon as possible. It includes social media promotion tools and guides.


The Software and Search Engine Optimization Process

The steps of search engine optimization within the Complete SEO Business Kit WSO are broken down, and they are built upon each other, in order to get the project built from the ground up. There are, obviously, support functions built in the article marketing and SEO site, so customers can be assured that the site will deliver the best possible results.


Final Review of Complete SEO Business Kit WSO

The Complete SEO Business Kit WSO is a “Done for You” kit for people wanting to make money of a search engine optimization business. It provides customizable, professional looking templates, training and tutorials for people. Really, the Complete SEO Business Kit WSO is a business in a box, and as there are many people dreaming about setting up their own search engine optimization business on the internet, it is an essential solution for them.