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There are many online services that can get a website online, but most of them do not deliver any traffic or customers. The main reason behind this is that all the sites are built around pretty much the same template, use the same images and layouts. If you would like to stand out from the crowd, you should talk to a professional Ellesmere Port web developer to make your unique features appear on your website. Compared with the price of cookie-cutter website companies, you might end up paying a bit more, but you will have the benefit of getting a website

  • noticed by search engines
  • registered and ranked on social media sites
  • your pages interlinked for better search engine optimization
  • lifetime support
  • feedback and performance reports on your website
  • local market and online competition knowledge

Get a Website vs Ellesmere Port Local Website Development

You can talk to somebody face to face and explain what you are expecting from your website and which groups you will want to target with your online marketing. Unlike standard DIY services, the hosting and content will be in your hands, if you trust Ellesmere Port online marketing and SEO. The main issue with DIY website services is that your pages are either loaded with advertisement to give you a better price, or limited to certain layouts. Many people set up a website with a free or cheap provider, and do not have time for updating it. This will automatically result in declining engagement and traffic.

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Get a website in Ellesmere Port Cheshire

Alternative: Get a Website with Local Experts Tailoring it to Your Needs

Some small and medium sized businesses in Ellesmere Port have tried to create their custom website from scratch. A few have succeeded, but many failed or gave up, as there are too many things to learn about search engine optimization, links, image tags, and certain features. Talking to a local online marketing expert will help understand how to achieve the best results from your website.

It is Not about Making a Website: It is about Making it Work for You

The hard job is not getting a website in Ellesmere Port or any local area, but making it work. A website is only worth something if it delivers you online exposure, customers, feedback, and engagement. It has to provide you with information about the size of your market, the potential customers, and the competition. Getting a site online is pretty much a five-minute job. Getting it work for you takes expertise, dedication, and local knowledge. You can get a free website evaluation today from SEO Article Content Writing, or get a new company site for just £349. This service includes indexing in search engines, sitemap submission, keyword analysis, and all the content you need to have on your Ellesmere Port website. Contact us for more information.


Do Small Businesses Need Local SEO Services?

If you are a small business owner, you might believe that getting personal recommendations and advertising in newspapers is the best way to approach marketing. I recently came across a client who complained that he was asked on a daily basis whether or not he had a site featuring his products. He simply did not. I was shocked.

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SEO for small businesses

Do You Need a Website?

The answer is: Absolutely yes. People are looking at websites, read reviews, and want to see high quality images of the products they intend to buy. As a basic, you need a 2-3 page site that tells the visitor what your small business is about, what you are selling, and how you can be contacted. The truth is that there are many companies offering an easy tool to set up your site in less than a year. There is, however, one problem. You are limited to a few templates, and your pages will be like a shop window in a remote village without applying some local SEO.

A Website Without Local SEO

Who would like to open a shop in a remote village with about 200 visitors passing by the window every year? Not many businesspeople, I guess. The good news is that search engine optimization for small businesses can be cheaper than weekly ads in local newspapers. In fact, you can see benefits in years to come.

How Can a SEO Consultant Help

Instead of ordering a service from a large company that applies cookie cutter methods, you might decide to hire a cheap local SEO consultant. They will take the time to sit down with you and listen to you. Trying to understand the needs of your small business and your goals, they will build a custom SEO marketing strategy that will deliver the best results. They can make suggestions about your existing website, and help you with the essential search engine optimization tasks that seem complicated at first. They will also be able to manager your social media accounts to drive targeted visitors to your sales page.

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization can increase a small business’ brand reputation, and increase their customer base. Using local SEO is cheaper and simpler than trying to rank for one search term worldwide. It also takes less time. There will be no need for expensive newspaper or radio ads, any more, and you save money on distributing flyers in the neighbourhood. You can make it easy for customers to contact you, as your site will be linked to social media accounts, and messenger systems. We, at SEO Article Content Writing Ellesmere Port provide free consultation and assessment of existing sites, so small business owners know what to expect from our search engine optimization services. Get in touch today and find out if you would benefit from local SEO.