Hit by Google Penguin?

In case your site is not performing as it used to before the several Google updates, you need to look into the reasons of that. At SEO Article Content Writing, we get many emails about  sites just simply disappearing from search engines overnight. You need to know that good quality content still works, even better than before, and if your SEO expert or search engine optimization professional has used bulk submission or backlinking services, this might be the main reason for your website’s failure. So you are not on first page any more, are you? That means you are not earning money. You can find out below how professional SEO experts and content writers can repair the damage and help you with your search engine optimization.


Professional SEO Articles

If you have been using a professional SEO article writing service, you will have no problems with the relevancy of keywords, density or comment spam. However, if you were using software to get backlinks and PLR articles, you might have got hit by Google’s updates. You should not forget about the social media aspects of search engine optimization, either. That means that the more relevant, innovative and high standard your content is the better chances you will have that people would share it. The right formatting and structure of SEO articles is also important today.


Press Release Writing Services

You might already know that article directories have lost their mojo. That is because search engines consider the number of outbound links when determining the weight of your backlink. Therefore, if you have been using these, your links either disappeared or have been downgraded. This is not the case with press releases, and you just have to find a professional writer that is able to get you in Google News with high quality articles.


Honest Search Engine Optimization

The best professional article writing services will focus on the quality of the content, not the quantity. You might get more quality backlinks and a higher relevancy reputation from search engines. The internal linking structure of your site needs to be reviewed, as well as the main keywords. In case you are concerned about the algorithm change, you should get your site checked by expert SEO professionals, who would determine the competition and the changes in the ranking. That way you will be able to revise your main keywords, Meta tags and titles, to rank higher in search engines and avoid high competition SEO phrases. Our content writers are happy to complete a free site evaluation, you just need to contact us.

More Information about Google Penguin

If you are still confused about the latest 08/06/12 Google Penguin update, it is recommended to get more information before you order your SEO article packages. The good news is that I have just completed a brand new tutorial on how to survive algorithm changes, and it is available at a promotional price for a limited time. Indeed, for two more days, you can get Instant SEO Blueprint after Penguin for free on Amazon Kindle.


Should You Use a Content Writing Service?

If you are wondering whether it is worth to pay for SEO content writing services or just trust a general company, you might want to know more about the results achieved by ourselves. We have recently taken on some whole website development projects. Our customers are extremely happy with their ranking and traffic stats, and they say that our writing service has really made a difference.


Find Out More about SEO Article Content Result

If you have a look at the graph below, you can see that the website has enjoyed some good traffic for a while. What the stats show us is that the SEO company chose long term ranking methods, instead of creating a long term strategy. The website ranking soon dropped, until July, when we started providing the content writing service. Since then, the stats have been continuously going up, and the more SEO article content is created, the faster the traffic growth will be.


Should You Trust a Content Writer?

If you would like to know if the content writer can be trusted, the first thing you need to do is to get in touch. Ask for samples or review testimonials to evaluate their services. We offer a free sample article for all new customers, to make sure that they are aware of the quality and style of our SEO article content writing packages.


The Value of SEO Content Writing

The real value of content writing services is in the long term results. You might see a rapid increase of traffic initially, but if the SEO article content writer uses black hat methods, it will soon fade away. You have to ensure that the content writing company does have relevant knowledge. Ask them if they are familiar with your niche, and if not, would they be happy to do the research. Ranking high  for multiple popular keywords is an art only a native content writer can master.


Get a Quote for a Content Writing Service

If you would like to find out more about our services and results, you can use the contact page to request relevant samples and a free quote. When we answer, we are also going to provide you with free tips and advice, based on our years of experience in SEO article content writing.

How to get Results from SEO Article Content Writing

If you have ever thought about hiring SEO article content writing services, you might be confused by the information provided by the company. Unfortunately, not many firms come clear about their methods and results, and this can lead to misunderstandings, even disputes. We like providing samples and all the information to customers, to make them understand the process behind our SEO article content writing services. Here are the best methods we use to get your site on that well deserved page one.


  • White Hat Methods

The first thing you would like the SEO article content writing services to make clear is that they do not use black hat methods. Buying links does not work anymore, nor does spamming search engines. If you sign up for an article submission service, you need to get a full report based on the work done, and the submissions should be done manually, not by a robot. Using bots will reduce your chances to get your content accepted.


  • Natural Linking Strategies

You will also need to ensure that the link building strategies will look natural for search engines. If there are too many links developed in a day or even a week, they will get suspicious, and your site will suffer. This does mean in some cases that it will take the SEO article content writing services a bit longer to complete the project, but the results will last longer as well.


  1. Readable Content

Almost all SEO article content writers know how to include the keywords correctly. But making the content look as if it was not SEO’d at all is an art. You want your readers to be able to benefit from the content, and if the article is poorly written or does not contain any new information, you will have a hard time to convince your prospects that you are an expert.


  • Useful Suggestions

Although we do have low article writing prices, we are always trying to go the extra mile for customers. Some customers do decide to pay a bonus after the project is finished, because they genuinely feel that our suggestions helped them with getting the most out of their website. Some companies charge for advice, however we think that a happy customer will return to us, and if you have a look at our testimonials, you will see that they are not only happy with the content delivered, but also the advice they were given.


  • Fixing Errors

It is easy to complete a project without looking at the client’s site. But we also check out the existing SEO features already in place, to suggest some simple tweaks making a huge difference in search engine ranking. It is our best interest to over-deliver every time, because that way customers will leave a positive feedback and return in the future. And that is why you should also choose an approachable SEO article content writing service.