How to Choose Cost-Effective SEO Article Content Writing Services

You might have already heard that search engine optimization (SEO) is the cheapest methods to drive targeted traffic to your sire and offers. If you would like to optimize your website for search engines, you will need quality website article content. No matter if you are an affiliate or have your own company: ranking on the top of search engine results for the right keywords can get you a long term income.


SEO article content writing services are available all over the Internet. They are offered by writers from all over the world, but if you want to make sure that the content will not only be optimized, but also readable, you should be looking for a low priced native writing service. Here area couple of things you should review before you hire a SEO article writer for your project.


1. Link Placements

Paid inclusions and link exchange sites are not as effective as they used to be. If you want to rank high, you need loads of SEO article content out there, pointing back to your site, using the keywords you are targeting. It is often not possible to create all the content by yourself, and that is why you would need a SEO article content writer to submit multiple unique content to authority sites.


2. Make Sure The Articles are Keyword-rich

Before you accept the content written by the SEO writer, you will have to make sure that the keywords and the variations are placed properly. You should avoid keyword stuffing, and that means: at least 60 words distance between occurrences. You also have to make sure the beginning and the end of the article contain the main keywords, and LSI is used to determine related phrases.


3. Include the Main Keywords in your Meta Description and Title Tag

You might give a title to the SEO article content writer yourself, but if not, you have to ensure that the title is containing a long tail keyword you are targeting. The title of the SEO article content is like the cover of the book: readers often decide if they are interested or not, based on the title.


4. Place Keywords in the Navigation Menus and Optimize Article Titles

If you need on-site search engine optimization, make sure that the navigation is clear and easy to follow. The descriptions should also be optimized, and if you have a blog, categories should be set up based on your main keywords.


If you are looking for low-cost SEO article content writing services, get in touch with the company, review their customer testimonials and samples. Alternatively, you can request a free consultation and sample article.


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SEO Article Writing Service Overview

In case you are thinking what a good and affordable SEO article content writing service can do for your site, you will soon find out the main reasons why you should consider this solution, instead of writing your own content. As Google’s algorithm keeps on changing all the time, you will need to get someone whose full time job is to keep an eye on these changes.  Google Panda and Penguin have hit many sites using cheap article writing services. Read more about the benefits of choosing the right content package below.


Knowledgeable Article Content Writers

You need to ensure that the article writer knows exactly what they are talking about, as well as what your potential customers are interested in. A boring article might do for an Adsense site, when you want people to click away, but if you are planning to sell your own product, you have to give your visitors new and useful information. A knowledgeable article writer will talk your customers’ language and create value for your visitors.


Benefits of a Long Term SEO Article Project

You should never pay for automatic submissions and projects. The most reliable article writing services will look at every site individually, understand your goals and business objectives. Therefore, you will benefit from lower prices and a good relationship with the writers. You can contact them with any changes, give them feedback on the results and monitor the statistics together.


Press Release Services Can Improve your Site’s Visibility

Not all SEO article content writing services are able to deliver press release content that will grab the attention of thousands of people. This project would need special skills, such as copywriting and journalism. Therefore, if you want well researched and up to date content, you might want to get some ideas from the SEO service before you order.


Affordable SEO Content Packages

The best content writing services will have affordable article packages to suit every need. You might just want to keep your site updated or gain around a hundred backlinks every month. Instead of paying for automatic submissions, you can sign up for a SEO package that will guarantee results long term and save money this way. After all, you want to play by Gooogle’s rules and do not want to get hit by the latest Penguin update for using black hat methods.

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Why You Need a Quality Niche Blog with SEO Article Content

If you are thinking about search engine optimization on your site, you might consider creating a blog. It is not taking weeks these days, and as long as you have quality SEO article content on your site, search engines will start exploring you fast. There are two different approaches to content on websites. You can either create a separate blog site for your brand or name, or add a blog to your existing sales page. If you choose the second option you will have to make sure that all the content is built around the same keywords, and the product descriptions are also optimized for search engines.


Many companies are setting up their own WordPress SEO blog. These blogs are naturally loved by search engines, and can easily be optimized. You just need some quality articles and a few plugins, a great template and you can pull in targeted visitors immediately. You can even link back to your regular site from the blog, to increase traffic and ranking.


If you have no time to create and maintain a blog, you can also outsource the whole process. All you need to do is: buy the domain and the hosting. There are some quality SEO article content writers out there offering to create the whole blog for you: including WordPress installation, plugins, templates and widgets. The whole thing can be done in a week, and you can ensure that quality content will also be delivered.


Your customers would like to get to know your company and ideas better, before they would choose your services or products. A blog with quality articles on can be a great gateway between you and your potential customers. And if you use the right methods, the blog can help you effortlessly turn readers into customers.


With over 3 years of SEO article content writing and WordPress creation experience, we also offer a cost-effective solution to quickly get your WordPress blog out there. The prices are set below the industry average, and the turnaround time is about 1 week, depending on your requirements. You can get a quote by contacting us, or order the services online.


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