Forget Large SEO Companies for Your Local Search Engine Optmization

Today, many SEO companies are offering monthly packages for small and medium sized businesses to help them get recognized by search engines. However, most business owners have bad experience with large companies, and will give up trying to get into Google and getting traction in social media. There is a trend among small business owners to try and do their SEO themselves to save money. Managing several social media accounts and creating content might be challenging and time-consuming. Choosing local, small expert SEO companies to handle the marketing needs can be just the right solution. Find out below why you should forget large SEO companies and focus on your local search engine optimization.

A Small SEO Company Listens to You

A smaller firm will look out for your interest, and keep your business goals in mind. This is because they do not have a large advertising budget, and would like to keep customers for a long time. Instead of providing you with a cookie cutter SEO option, they will listen to you, and tailor their services for your business’ needs. This way, you will remain a loyal customer, and both of you will benefit.

The Search Engine Optimization will Focus on Your Local Area

It is hard to rank for keywords that are general, but if you focus on your local area, a search engine optimization company can achieve results in a very short period of time. You simply have to tell the SEO consultancy firm which area you want your customers to come from, and they will optimize your page for local traffic. You can save money and time, increase your conversion rates, and get your message out there fast.

The SEO Firm Will Have Advanced Knowledge of the Local Market

Another benefit of trusting a local SEO company instead of one that has offices abroad and remote workers all over the world is that the consultant will know the area, the opportunities, the target customer, and the market. You do not have to explain them what your company offers and how great the competition is: they will already know, and tailor your search engine optimization campaign to your needs.

You Can Save Hundreds of Pounds by Trusting a Small Local SEO Company

Compared with large companies’ set monthly package prices, small SEO companies work cheaper, and more effectively. As they do not spend thousands a month on advertising, and do not have a large office to keep happy, they will cut the cost of your search  engine optimization campaign. If you want to forget large SEO companies and would rather speak to a qualified, experienced, and expert search engine optimization consultant, you can get in touch with Toucan-Marketing’s SEO Article Content Writing Ellesmere Port office to discuss your needs.

Google Friendly SEO Articles for Wirral Businesses

Local businesses are invited to try SEO Article Content Writing’s new Google update friendly services. Our search engine optimization and content management service has been successful all over the world, but we have just realized that there are many local Ellesmere Port and Wirral companies that have recently been hit by Google’s Panda, Penguin, Zebra and Hummingbird. Our reputation on freelance SEO sites is excellent, as you can see on the SEO testimonials page, and we have decided to help as many local businesses as possible to make the most out of their online marketing.

Online Marketing with a SEO Twist

Buying paid ads seems to be the easiest solution when it comes to online marketing. The only problem is that once the funds run out, the clicks stop coming in. In search engine optimization, we focus on long-term engagement with the audience and potential customers, therefore, they will come back and see the offers relevant to them. Implementing social media marketing, content creation and a dynamic approach to web design is proven to deliver extraordinary results and a high ROI for your campaign. Moreover, the business will benefit from the increased traffic and link popularity for years to come, no matter what the future brings in terms of search engine algorithms.

Guaranteed Results

SEO Article Content Writing

Wirral business SEO and marketing

Our firm is dedicated to helping Ellesmere Port and Wirral businesses with their local SEO projects, therefore, we guarantee more hits to your site, more sign-ups and customers. You need to see what we have to offer, and due our unique approach towards online marketing and SEO, we invite you to discuss your goals, objectives and budgets. We can complete a free needs and website evaluation (if you already have a site) and let you take away the information, no matter if you decide to order one of our local SEO packages or not.

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Challenge Us to Deliver SEO Rankings in Ellesmere Port

Our challenge for you is simple: take your offline advertising budget and measure the results for a month. Take the same budget and invest it into professional local SEO and online content marketing to compare the outcomes. We promise to deliver a higher conversion rate and a more cost-effective solution, no matter what your current marketing strategy is. Talk to us to book your free local SEO and online marketing evaluation and see how we can help you grow your business.

SEO Article Content Writing Ellesmere Port – Experiences with Freelancing Sites

When you are starting up as a freelance copywriter and SEO expert, you might simply think that the best place to look for assignments is a global network. This statement is true and false at the same time. If I was at the same crossroad I had to face over two years ago, I might do things differently. Setting up a business after taking a redundancy payment from a large bank was hard, challenging and the chances of success were weak. I started on freelance sites, getting paid most of the time, just to keep me going. Below you will find a review of some of the most commonly used sites that offer freelance work.



freelancer website

Front page freelancer

This site has been criticized by employees and employers alike. The main problem with it is that there are no adequate checks in place to verify the country of residence of freelancers. Therefore, you will find many from Asia offering their services as Americans. Obviously, there are ways to go around systems, I have actually been offered good money before to do an online English test for someone who was from Bangladesh. Of course I refused. Most employers are looking for the lowest price here and want to believe that the freelancer is a native speaker and will deliver articles that are written in proper English. Another type of employer is the one who disappears, and there is no protection offered by the site for this case. You need to make sure that you are getting an escrow put down or you can run after your money.


2. oDesk

Front page oDesk

oDesk website

Haven’t used this service a lot but got a few assignments at surprisingly good conditions. The prices are not driven down as much as on Freelancer, but you are limited to three applications a month, which gives you little or no chance of winning contracts, unless you upgrade. There is an orientation test on the site, and upon passing, you can get more proposals each month. I have seen some quality projects and honest ratings on this site, financially it is more secure. You can get paid per hour or per project, and oDesk offers freelancer protection.


Freelancing Sites merge for the better?

3. Elance

Elance freelancing

Elance website intro

Elance has a good communication system, a secure verification process, therefore, fraudsters are filtered out in the beginning. There are still some, though, as on all sites. You have to use your judgement and make sure that you are dealing with a professional client, not an agency that is located in Kuala Lumpur. I have had some bad experience with some of these clients, scamming freelancers and had to use blackmailing tactics to get the money out of them.


And the Big News: Elance and Odesk are Merging.

Overall, this can be something that can beat Personally, I would not mind if Freelancer was used by low quality providers and employers, while the new site would employer and freelancer screening, protection implemented in the system. I hope the merger of Odesk and Elance will result in a reliable, quality and user-friendly site where genuine employers and freelancers can connect.

Freelance site review