Ellesmere Port SEO Office Opening Soon

SEO Article Content Writing has, over the past two years,  built a successful online search engine optimization service provided for clients over the world. However, soon we have discovered that the best way of customizing client services is to provide personalized online marketing advice. This called for a decision to set up our Ellesmere Port SEO office in order to serve the thousands of small businesses in the Wirral and in Ellesmere Port.

Great Introductory Prices

If you would like to compare the prices of Wirral SEO services, you will be surprised how cost-effective our search engine optimization packages are. As we are looking to prove the quality of our service, we will offer a 10 percent discount for all customers during October and November. So you can get a decent Google ranking before the Christmas period starts and make sure that your customers find you and not your competition using online searches.

Skype Consultation

If you are a busy website owner, you can opt for a Skype consultation. During the online discussion we will cover all the aspects of search engine optimization and help you select the methods of advertising your business online in the Wirral and Ellesmere Port.


Starting Website SEO Packages in Ellesmere Port

If you are a business owner and you are not found by local customers you are losing money. In the current economy, nobody can afford to do that. No matter if you have no website or social media integration, mobile optimized website: SEO Article Content Writing Ellesmere Port will take care of your online marketing plan at a cost effective way.

Online Search Marketing Quotes

If you would like to know exactly how much your search engine optimization services will cost in Ellesmere Port, you can use our online contact form and we provide you with a detailed proposal including a schedule for SEO services.

SEO Content on a Monthly Basis

If you already have a website but it is not doing well in search engines, you will possibly need quality SEO article content based on your industry and company. Our native writers will take care of social media integration, press releases, article and blog marketing, so you can increase your reputation locally using expert search engine optimization servicces.

Free Personal Consultation

Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and detailed information for customers before they choose the search engine optimization package. We will provide you with a free presentation of the SEO services we offer, so you can make an informed decision about which search engine optimization and online marketing service will provide you with the most benefits.

Contact us for more information and take advantage of the low cost offers during October and November.

SEO consultant

SEO consultation online and in person for Ellesmere Port businesses

Link Building and Search Engine Optimization with Article Marketing

There are many online affiliates who do try and do Search Engine optimization the old school way or simply choose some black hat methods, that will bring in short term results, but they cannot be compared to article marketing and genuine link building campaigns. Search engines are constantly ahead of people using black hat methods and I would urge you to stay away from anything risky or sounding too good.

building reputation

article marketing

There are marketers who say that article directories can be spammed to death with rubbish articles, that do not make any sense, as long as the backlinks are generated it is actually classed as good search engine optimization. However there are two main purposes of article marketing if not three:

  • One of them is getting your site ranking higher in search engines by building up one way links pointing back to your site.

  • The other one is off-site search engine optimization, where you are trying to prove Search Engines that your site is an authority website and is closely related to the keywords you tag your articles with. Therefore article marketing is going to contribute towards your search engine rankings and page rank.

  • The third, most important, although long term goal of article marketing is to build a “fan base” of people interested in the topic you are writing about. These people should be captured and lead back to your website constantly in order to generate profit with your article marketing and search engine optimization efforts.

All of the above three reasons are alone enough to convince you about article marketing being a very important search engine optimization tool, but you can only succeed if you are using all the three aspects of article marketing effectively. You need to learn how to write killer articles and how to make people click on your links. But you also have to learn your keyword research as well in order to succeed with search engine optimization.

 increase backlinks

Many affiliates and online marketers complain that article marketing takes too much time, effort, and getting articles accepted is getting harder and harder. But the truth is, it is needed for a successful search engine optimization campaign, if you like it or not.

Below are a couple of practical tips on how to improve your article marketing and succeed with your SEO campaign.

  1. Don’t leave keyword research out. If there is a keyword you are targeting, it is important that you check every aspect of it, from the search engine optimization perspective. How many searches monthly, how many results, competition on Google and the page ranks and backlinks of pages competing for a page 1 position. If there are videos or articles on page 1 for your keyword, you have a chance to get in, but if it is full of page rank 7 authority sites, you’d better look for another keyword before you waste time and effort on article marketing.

  2. Rewrite your articles, do not spin them. Over the past few years I have been offered dozens of spinner software that promised to create article content that “speaks English”, however none of them was good enough, so I do manually rewrite my articles.

  3. Don’t send the same article to hundreds of article directories, concentrate on the quality of backlinks. I usually create a few unique versions and use a free article submitter software that only sends the articles to the largest and highest ranked directories. You can download this article submitter software right now on my site.

  4. Press Peleases. Now it is not a long way from writing an article and rewriting it as a Press Release. Extra traffic, higher rankings and unique content.

  5. If you think you don’t have enough time to write and submit articles, you can do just the keyword research and outsource the whole process.

5 Tips to Optimize your WordPress Blog for Search Engines

Today many online Internet marketers do turn to blogs. It is proven that blog sites are the easiest to optimize for search engines and the ability to quickly change and update the content gives them extra exposure. But not many marketers do know how to really optimize their WordPress blog for search engines. They are told that the site will pull in traffic automatically, however there are too many blogs online for that to be true. A blog owner has to learn simple search engine optimization rules and tricks for WordPress blogs to be able to profit from the platform. 

optimize your blog for search engines

WordPress SEO Rules


Some online marketers do use WordPress as a platform for their main site, some only use it for their blog. But whatever the case is, it is not going to get discovered unless the basic SEO rules for WordPress are followed. Here are some tips and advice on how to optimize your WordPress for search engines so Google will be able to quickly find it and send yo quality targeted traffic. A popular blog can gain credibility, attract business partners and advertising companies as well. But your WordPress blog can also fail to turn up on Google is you are not using blog search engine optimization techniques.

You have to make sure you are choosing the self hosting option.

In order to make your WordPress blog look professional you will have to buy a domain name and host WordPress on your web space. It is something most online marketers got wrong in the past years, and thought they would be able to get away with a free WordPress affiliate blog. However many of these sites have been shut down by WordPress, making people lose all the revenue, content and backlinks they spent ages to build up. Make sure you are not making the same mistkes as WordPress is very strict with regards to advertising on free WordPress blogs. On the other hand it is much easier to optimize your self hosted WordPress blog for search engines.

  • Keyword rich domain name

Reserving your own domain name is going to be the first step of optimizing your WordPress blog for search engines. Make sure you are including one or more of your main keywords in the domain name and the title tag of the web page.

  • Title tags and meta tags

You need to use the chosen keywords on your WordPress blog not only in the posts but in the title and meta tags, too. Google reads that information very frequently and you want to make sure your WordPress blog is going to look relevant to the keywords.

  • Image linking

Many people do forget about image titles. That is one of the most neglected element of optimizing a WordPress blog for search engines. But it is giving you extra exposure and tags, votes for the keywords so make sure you are using it.

  • Always use contextual links

The best way to optimize your WordPress blogs for search engines is to link in keywords to other sites or other pages of your blog. That way it is going to make your WordPress blog look more relevant, and make sure you are doing the same when doing off-site search engine optimization.