SEO Article Content Writing Prices

If you are looking for some quality SEO article content written, some professional companies might charge you up to $50 per article. You need to know that these are usually the SEO firms offering complex services, and they are adding article submissions to their monthly packages. You will need to look at the real cost of SEO article content writing, to make your strategy more cost-effective.


There are generally two different benefits of article marketing mentioned. One is getting a high page rank backlink, and the other one is to get new visitors. Unfortunately, many SEO article content writing services only focus on one, and you can’t get all the benefits you are looking for. If you would like to build up your credibility on the marketplace and get some raving fans, you will need to look for quality services with proven results. That means: you need to find services offering research and quality writing, without grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.


There is also some extremely cheap SEO article content writing services offered, and you should also be careful with these. Although the content might be good enough to get your site’s keyword density right and provide you with backlinks, if the article is not written by a native writer, it might not be readable enough to make people want to read it. Quality check is extremely important, and although English is spoken in many countries as an official language, it is still not the same as UK or US English.


You will also need to make sure that the prices are guaranteed and fixed. You will not want to start negotiating with the company after you have already paid for the services. And if there is any doubt, you will need to get in touch with the SEO article content writing service before you place your order.


If you would like to get a better price on SEO article content packages, you might be looking for a larger batch or a monthly service. Most sites give you a discount if you order a monthly article package or more than one article. You will need to make sure that you get free sample writing before you accept the offer, and you will know exactly when the content will be delivered. If you are not sure which package to choose, you should get in touch with the article writing services, to get a personalized quote.

How to get Results from SEO Article Content Writing

If you have ever thought about hiring SEO article content writing services, you might be confused by the information provided by the company. Unfortunately, not many firms come clear about their methods and results, and this can lead to misunderstandings, even disputes. We like providing samples and all the information to customers, to make them understand the process behind our SEO article content writing services. Here are the best methods we use to get your site on that well deserved page one.


  • White Hat Methods

The first thing you would like the SEO article content writing services to make clear is that they do not use black hat methods. Buying links does not work anymore, nor does spamming search engines. If you sign up for an article submission service, you need to get a full report based on the work done, and the submissions should be done manually, not by a robot. Using bots will reduce your chances to get your content accepted.


  • Natural Linking Strategies

You will also need to ensure that the link building strategies will look natural for search engines. If there are too many links developed in a day or even a week, they will get suspicious, and your site will suffer. This does mean in some cases that it will take the SEO article content writing services a bit longer to complete the project, but the results will last longer as well.


  1. Readable Content

Almost all SEO article content writers know how to include the keywords correctly. But making the content look as if it was not SEO’d at all is an art. You want your readers to be able to benefit from the content, and if the article is poorly written or does not contain any new information, you will have a hard time to convince your prospects that you are an expert.


  • Useful Suggestions

Although we do have low article writing prices, we are always trying to go the extra mile for customers. Some customers do decide to pay a bonus after the project is finished, because they genuinely feel that our suggestions helped them with getting the most out of their website. Some companies charge for advice, however we think that a happy customer will return to us, and if you have a look at our testimonials, you will see that they are not only happy with the content delivered, but also the advice they were given.


  • Fixing Errors

It is easy to complete a project without looking at the client’s site. But we also check out the existing SEO features already in place, to suggest some simple tweaks making a huge difference in search engine ranking. It is our best interest to over-deliver every time, because that way customers will leave a positive feedback and return in the future. And that is why you should also choose an approachable SEO article content writing service.

How to Choose an Article Writer

If you are not already using article marketing to promote your Internet business, you leave money on the table. Article marketing can generate leads and signups on autopilot, and you can target your audience with relevant content as well. However, some people say that article marketing is an art, and if you want quality SEO optimized content and articles, you need to find a professional article writing service. The good news is that it is not hard to find a specialist SEO expert who can create quality content, still you will have to review your options carefully.



If you think that article marketing is not right for your niche, think again. Are people searching for products or services, reviews in your industry? Have you got a level of knowledge to give away information?  You don’t necessarily need to be an expert to be able to get articles published. A SEO content writer can take care of this task for you. But do you know how to choose an article and content writing service for the best results? Read on to find out what are the credentials of a SEO writing service.



  • They must have relevant experience


You have to look at the company’s profile and look for customer testimonials as well as references. Find out if they have been working on the field and what relevant knowledge/education they have.



  • They have to be native writers.


You can go to an outsourcing website and get articles written for pennies. But you are not guaranteed the best results. If you want professional written, proper English articles without any spelling or grammar errors, you need a native well-educated writer, who has relevant search engine optimization knowledge.



  • They have to know your market


There is no point hiring a SEO article content writer who knows less about your niche than you. You don’t want them to write an article with incorrect information. Moreover: you don’t want to spend time with explaining them the features or benefits of your products or services.



  • They should have basic SEO research skills


If you are not a SEO expert, it is OK as long as you find one. Make sure that the company is able to give you keyword suggestions and tweak your campaigns. You might find that they will offer you to include additional keywords in the article for better results.



  • They offer subscriptions


The most cost-effective way of getting SEO articles and content written for your website is to subscribe for a monthly package. This way you can get your articles written, submitted, not to mention that some professional companies do offer blog posting and site update. That way you can focus on creating more products, setting up your sales funnel and enjoy the results of the search engine optimization work of the company.



You have everything to gain from submitting quality, search engine optimized articles and content, and nothing to lose. You just have to make sure that you are doing your article marketing the right way. You can take your time to learn the art of article marketing, or get a professional SEO content provider to complete the project.