Are Web 2.0 Links Good for SEO?

There have been certain changes in search engine optimization and content marketing in the past 18 months. Some webmasters are simply confused about which links are good and valuable for their SEO. The good news is that in 2013, valuable and informative SEO article content writing will still work, however, not in the way you are used to. Instead of focusing on article marketing in directories, you need to diversify the site’s link profile. Using Web 2.0 sites and press releases combined with social media and professional profiles can bring in results. Our SEO writers are happy to help you set up your custom linking strategy for 2013.

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The Best Web 2.0 Links

There are many web 2.0 sites you can get information and SEO articles published. However, in order to survive the latest search engine updates, many of these sites have set strict rules for publication, links and content. Therefore, the value of these mini blogs and Web 2.0 sites lies in the hardship of obtaining them. HubPages and Squidoo are able to generate traffic and high page rank dofollow links, provided that the content gets featured.


Authority Site Links

There are many authority sites that allow 3rd party publication, but they are not easy to find. The links from authority sites usually cannot be bought, just earned. You might need a professional SEO writer to create content that sticks in search engines and gets accepted by these pages. Press release sites can generate both traffic and high ranking, but the acceptance criteria is hard to meet. Authority blogs and forums are very picky when it comes to SEO content.


Author Profiles

Setting up professional and keyword-rich, targeted author profiles on Web 2.0 sites, directories and niche blogs is a task that might seem overwhelming at first. These profiles can generate backlinks, as well as traffic. Still, not many webmasters like taking their time to do this manually and find cheap SEO companies to complete the task automatically. As the use of submission software in the latest search engine optimization trends is risky, they often are unable to achieve any results using these services.


Social Media Combined with Web 2.0 and Press Releases

SEO Article Content Writing offers a comprehensive package containing keyword research, social media backlinking, Web 2.0 profiles an posts, as well as press release writing and submission. If you would like to focus on the quality of your search engine optimization instead of the number of bulk backlinks, you should contact us and get a personalized quote alongside with a  free website evaluation and keyword research.

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