A Rage against Spun Articles


If you want to take your article marketing seriously, you want to create as much SEO article content as possible. And for most affiliate marketers time is an issue. If you are thinking that computers can really replace human brain, you are wrong. I was watching a program before: SCI Fi Science when they were looking for possibilities of teaching robots to not to make mistakes or follow the rules, make decisions. They found that it is not possible. So how can you expect an article writing software to speak the same English as your audience? Nonsense. Here are some points I would like to get across regarding to spinning and article writing the right way. Please comment if you have anything to add or are looking for an argument!



  • You want unique content. Any spinning over 60% is a grammatical nightmare. You can do it manually, still if you want the SEO article content to be correct, you will have to make adjustments.
  • I have used spinning software before and they were a nightmare. I ended up spending more time with fixing the article than it would have taken me to rewrite them.
  • Google is not easy to trick. You will need to create an at least 70% unique content to be handled as a separate article.
  • What is the point ranking page 1 with almost the same articles? Readers are looking for different points of view.
  • There are two benefits of article marketing. One is link building, which can be served by spun content. The other one is driving quality targeted traffic to your site. It can’t be achieved any other way than by creating unique, quality content.
  • If you are stuck with ideas or time, you can hire a SEO content writer for a few bucks per article to write your reviews or articles. Much cheaper than those “Magic Software”.
  • If you would like to create different variations of an article, you can use manual rewriting software, and it is possibly the best solution. They are available for free, and creating unique SEO optimized content does not take longer than spinning with a robot and then fixing the grammar.


If you have any thoughts to add to the list below, please let me know. But if you think that I am completely nuts for rewriting articles manually, feel free to let me know! I love arguments! (This is a joke, I hate them!)

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