Are SEO Article Writing Services Dead?

When webmasters are trying to recover their rankings after being hit by Google updates, the first question they have is whether content SEO is still valuable. The truth is that there is still a need for exceptional quality content, but the distribution of search engine optimization articles and blog posts has changed. Automated services do not work anymore, and link profiles should be reviewed manually. After the Google Panda and Penguin the focus should be on the quality and relevancy of SEO article writing services. Find out more below.


The Importance of SEO Article Writing Services

Valuable content and distribution to relevant channels is still important in search engine optimization. However, webmasters should avoid sites that have been spammed by robots and submission software used by many SEO companies in the past. Getting loads of mediawiki page backlinks a year ago might have looked cool in Google, but now the uniqueness and relevancy of the link counts more than the quantity. Selecting the right sites where SEO articles should be published manually is a good approach for every professional SEO company.


How about Quality Content Writing?

The quality of writing will determine where the SEO articles can be published. Sites that only allow manually reviewed content will be giving more valuable links back to the site. Page rank is no longer important as much as it used to be before the drastic SEO Google updates, and social media traction is also crucial. Buying likes and signups, Twitter followers is not a cool search engine optimization technique though in 2013. Gaining followers and subscribers will bring in stronger and longer lasting results.


Post-Panda Content SEO Packages

When shopping for content SEO packages, it is important to evaluate the quality of writing to determine whether it would pass the mark of reputable niche authority sites. A few links from these pages will be better than bulk submission. Forum and blog comment backlinks should also be obtained through genuine content written by SEO article writing services for the purpose of building the reputation of the site and gaining authority in the marketplace. Getting more links should not be the only aim of employing a SEO company; staying current and relevant is a better long term plan.

What Type of Links Should a SEO Article Marketing Expert Build?

After the latest Google updates and Penguin refresh, a website’s link structure and backlink profile is more important than ever before. The best thing that can happen is to get links de-registered by search engines, but an unnatural looking SEO backlink profile certainly damages SERP and the reputation of the site at the same time. Find out exactly what search engines are looking for in 2013 after the Google updates with regards to backlinks.


Forum Backlinks

Relevant authority forum and blog backlinks are still good for SEO writing purposes, and the most natural way of obtaining them is to get readers who share content and provide value for those looking for a solution. A knowledgeable expert SEO article writer is able to build and earn natural looking links from authority forums by posting relevant and useful information people want to link to.


Guest Blogging Links

It is extremely hard to get blogs to accept guest posts these days; there is a need for excellent quality of writing, relevancy and knowledge at the same time. Expert SEO writers can obtain these links from authority sites in the niche, due to their knowledge of the industry and contacts. An expert writer’s profile is surely more convincing than a pitch from the website owner.

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Google SEO updates


Authority Links

Industry organization links, .edu and .gov backlinks are worth a hundred low quality posts, and subsequently they are hard to obtain. First of all; there is a need for extensive research, secondly most of these sites filter out irrelevant and software generated comments or posts. That is why these links are valued so highly after Google Penguin and Panda updates, and will be after Google Zebra.


Relevant Profile Links

It is no longer enough to get keyword anchor links from SEO article content writing. Creating relevant profiles according to the niche and topic of the group, page of social media community is extremely useful when it comes to search engine optimization with content writing. Although creating relevant profiles on multiple niche sites can be a tedious job, it pays off long term and can get a better ranking in search engines.


SEO Article Content and Backlink Packages

SEO content packages alone would not solve the misery of the many website owners who have lost their rankings in search engines after Google updates. A long term strategy for content based link building is needed in order to prove the worthiness of the site. That is why webmasters are urged to find an SEO expert who is able to deliver and follow up the SEO content creation and back linking project. Contact us at SEO Article Content Writing to find out how we can help you regain your rankings.

EzineArticles SEO Packages Prices

When incorporating article marketing in SEO packages, many webmasters are asking the questions whether it is worth the money and effort. The truth is that many EzineArticles SEO changes have been implemented by the site, therefore, getting traffic from the site and increasing the main page’s reputation in search engines is possible with the right approach. Article marketing has changed a lot after the Google Panda updates, and is still changing as a result of Penguin and the upcoming Zebra. Read on if you would like to find out how you can benefit from EzineArticles SEO packages.


SEO Article Packages

There are different types of SEO packages, based on the status of the site and its search engine ranking. However, getting a combination of Web 2.0 pages and EzineArticle SEO is a good approach; whether or not the webpage has been hit by Google Panda and Penguin. Focusing on the quality of content and links, instead of the quantity is crucial and being relevant is not only easy if the SEO writer is not fully competent in the given niche.


Customized SEO Packages

In 2013, webmasters need to get tailored SEO article packages if they would like to beat the competition. Every niche is assessed in a different way after SEO updates in the past 2 years, and it is harder to get a traction in search engines in some particular markets than others. This is why online marketers need a customized approach when requesting their own SEO packages.


EzineArticles SEO

Using advanced EzineArticles SEO methods can be beneficial for customers, if the package includes social bookmarking, sharing and the keyword research. A SEO writer needs to be familiar with the most common questions and answers in the particular niche, the guidelines and advanced EzineArticles SEO techniques. Making sure that the content is optimized in the right way and the backlinks are created to provide customers with the best possible diversity that is required by search engines is also important when setting up search engine optimization campaigns.


Article Marketing Monthly SEO Prices

Publishing articles on one site is not the right approach to EzineArticles SEO. There is a need to make content popular among customers who are interested in the particular niche. Getting an advanced linkwheel set up including authority sites, social bookmarking and Web 2.0 pages is a technique that delivers guaranteed results and impresses all search engines that the site is relevant to the given keywords. Get a quote and see how our low SEO prices can get you better rankings in search engines. Contact us at SEO Article Content Writing.

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