HubPages vs. Squidoo? Web 2.0 Search Engine Optimization

When webmasters are looking to get prepared for search engine algorithm changes, they need to look closer at Web2.0 pages that bring in traffic and strong backlinks. HubPages and Squidoo lenses can not only build a brand and reputation, but also traffic and strong backlinks. There are, however, some differences between the two Web 2.0 SEO article mini-blog sites and if you would like to know more, read our comparison of HubPages and Squidoo to decide on your 2013 search engine optimization plan and get the best SEO article content results.


Average Visits on HubPages and Squidoo

Although HubPages gets fewer visits on the average than Squidoo, it is hard to tell which one is better for traffic. After all; for search

Web 2.0 SEO services

hubpages vs squidoo

engine optimization purposes webmasters are looking for the visitors to their sites. As both are authority sites, it is important to note that the miniblogs created can rank pretty high in search engines, providing strong backlinks to the webmaster. On the average; the bounce rate is higher in HubPages, but it can give more links through social bookmarking and RSS feeds.


Strength of Backlinks

The strength of the links depends on the strength of the page. There are minimum requirements on both sites to get a “dofollow” link through SEO article content writing. This is usually a minimum level or score. In HubPages, the hub score needs to be over 40, and if it drops the links become “nofollow”. It is also possible to get a high page rank in HubPages through sharing and promotions, and this means that the link giving site’s PR will be higher, giving the site owner’s page a higher reputation.


SEO Features of Squidoo and HubPages

HubPages has an advanced keyword suggestion tool, which is very good for SEO article content writing. It suggests phrases people are searching for, and ones from related posts. Indeed, there are many visits coming from similar hubs, and the subscribers’ list can grow day by day, provided that the SEO articles are well-written and informative. For search traffic, both of the sites are excellent; with Squidoo being a little stronger. Squidoo main site is page rank 7, while HubPages is 6. It is possible to add tweets and share the content, and users do so on both sites, giving your SEO article content more leverage.


How to Get More SEO Results with Squidoo or HubPages Services

If you simply do not have time to create and maintain a Squid or Hub, you can get a professional SEO writer to do it for you and create strong links to your site. There are opportunities for additional exposure, social bookmarking campaigns, promoting your site, RSS feed, landing pages and Facebook page. You do not have to worry about SEO content creation; our professional writers will make sure that your original and engaging articles will reach your audience. Contact us to find out more about our Web 2.0 SEO services and get better search engine optimization results.

The Importance of Quality SEO Article Services after Google Zebra

In 2013, experts are expecting some new SEO updates that are likely to affect most of the websites doing traditional search engine optimization. The importance of quality SEO professional services is going to increase, because it is no longer possible to build or buy links; websites need to earn them. And that task is not easy to achieve with cheap and spun low quality content. Creating blog posts that get syndicated for free by readers who think it is worth to repost and share it is a result of exceptional quality information and writing. Read why you need to use SEO professional services after the Google Zebra update.


Relevant Linking Strategy

One of the major SEO updates is related to the relevancy of links. It is no longer good to buy directory links or Twitter shares from sites and profiles that are not relevant to your profile. Therefore, instead of giving you a higher ranking, search engines are going to think that you are crafting links and you will be penalized, losing your SERP position and page rank. This is why it is crucial to provide value to readers, so they will be happy to share the content and give you free backlinks.


Earning Links through SEO Article Services

The headline of the 2013 SEO updates is “Earn links, don’t create them”. This is like back in time to the early 2000-s, when the ranking was determined by users and not link building robots. The real message of Google Zebra update is to provide quality SEO content and make people naturally engage in the conversation. Most of the link building methods, such as article marketing and commenting have lost their power, except for some sites that still stand strong. However, a link earned will have a hundred times higher value than a created one.


SEO Professional Services for Link Earning

In order to be able to earn links, you will need to engage your readers with your writing. That is when quality SEO article services come into the picture. If the information provided is useful and extremely valuable for the readers who are interested in the topic, it is very likely that they will be happy to share it with other people for free. The more people will give you votes up the better your ranking will be, and you do not have to pay a subscription fee for a SEO software, either. This means that using SEO professional services is not only the most effective but also a cost-efficient solution for your search engine optimization after the Google Zebra update.


Get Ready for SEO Updates

Zebra11If you haven’t prepared your sites for the impending Google Zebra update, it is time to find out how SEO article services can help you achieve your goals and get you relevant and targeted traffic that will keep on coming in for long years. Your links will not disappear and you can position yourself on the market as an expert in your niche using SEO professional services. Contact us to find out how we can help you get the right links and traffic to your site.



Google Updates and SEO Article Writing Services

In recent years, search engine optimization has changed a lot. It is no longer possible to rank sites with duplicate content, there is a need for building quality backlinks and get social media engagement. Still, there are more Google updates to come. The latest is called GoogleZebra, and it is likely to change SEO article writing a great deal, as well as social media sites. One of the biggest losers is likely to be Pinterest, – experts say – and there is more need for SEO article writing services than ever before. Find out more below.


Google Zoo Latest Addition: Zebra

zebra1Google Zebra is a real attack against sites using automated social bookmarking services and companies setting up accounts simply for sharing sites. Google is going to look at the user profiles and determine whether they are real or not. It is not sure what algorithm the company will use, but it is likely that those with hundreds of automated Facebook likes and shares will be dropped from search engine results. There is also a need to re-evaluate the site’s content for originality and quality, as this will be looked at as well.


The Difference Between SEO Firms and SEO Article Writing Services

Many SEO firms – let us be honest – use cheap writers with weak language skills and grammar to earn more money and provide customers with a lower price. The competition between article writing services has grown in the past decade and many of them are using automated software submission. However, in 2013, after Google Zebra this will definitely not work anymore.


Content is Still King In Search Engine Optimization?

Content, however, will still be loved by search engines, even after Google Zebra and further Google updates. The quality of writing and information will be judged by real users and not software. When genuine people share the SEO article writing piece this will still count. Based on the person’s public profile, interests and the number of shares, the search engine can tell whether it is a real like or a fake one. This Google update is similar to previous ones like Panda and Penguin that hit user generated content sites, such as article directories. Some of them since have recovered, and it is likely that social media marketing will not disappear either.


How to Encourage Natural Shares through Quality SEO Article Writing?

Search engine optimization has two elements; on-site and off-site. Now, SEO article writing can tackle both of them by generating original and valuable content for people interested in the topic. SEO article writing services will survive, provided that they use white hat methods and avoid unnatural linking strategies. As link diversity has a higher importance after Google updates than ever before, it is important to engage readers the natural way. Some SEO article content writing services can create pages that encourage sharing; providing quality information people are looking for. Get an instant SEO article writing Google Penguinpackage quote and beat Google Zebra.